What is Ubisoft's Riders Republic?

What is Ubisoft’s Riders Republic?

Fancy doing some extreme stunts in a massive playground? The new Ubisoft game Riders Republic might be the game for you. But what is this new game? Allow us to introduce this game.

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Coming out of nowhere is this massive multiplayer playground where you can partake in extreme sports and stunts. You and your friends can go to every corner of this world filled with bumpy terrain and compete in a variety of different sports.

The game was developed by Ubisoft Annecy and released on 28 October for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. If you buy the game on PS4 and/or XB1, you are eligible for a free upgrade to the next gen consoles. It has already caused quite the stir in the gaming world, appearing suddenly on the scene and already potentially setting the foundations to sustain quite a long lifespan.

What can you do?

You can take to the arid canyons, snowy mountains and even the skies with mountain bikes, snowboards, wingsuits, skis, snowmobiles, even a rocket powered wingsuit! The possibilities are endless and the best part is, the game doesn’t get bogged down in utterly pedantic realism as when you inevitably fall face first, you can just spam the rewind function and be back where you started.

Join your fellow lunatic thrill seekers in free-roam or in competitive modes where you can draw the attention of sponsors who will put their money behind you for events like the Red Bull Rampage or X-Games. Compete in trick competitions, PvP arena modes and even races with up to a whopping 49 other players in the lobby.

While you level up playing all these different modes, you will earn some wacky pieces of riding gear. If you so wanted, you could equip a giraffe costume. So if you remember that Vine of the guy on skis shooting past shouting “I’m a giraffe!”, you can replicate this glorious piece of internet history in Riders Republic.

Is it any good?

According to both fans and reviewers, it seems like a lot of fun! Every now and then, a game comes along out of nowhere and just amazes people with how enjoyable and addictive it can be. Such examples in the last few years include Rocket League, Fall Guys and Knockout City. This Riders Republic game takes a simple concept, doesn’t overcomplicate it and just lets loose with letting people enjoy it.

With that being said, it has had some issues at launch. On Xbox Series X in particular, there were some significant difficulties. Furthermore, the game goes all out on it’s over-the-top, crazy aesthetic and style. While this is a plus for some, for others it might not be the sort of game that they are looking for.

You can buy Riders Republic either as a physical or digital release now for all the aforementioned platforms with four separate editions. There’s the basic Standard Edition, and then there’s also the Gold Edition which features exclusive access to upcoming content with the Year 1 pass. Finally there is the Ultimate Edition which features four exclusive packs of content.

Go to Riders Republic‘s official page on the Ubisoft website to learn more. See if this extreme sports game is right up your alley, or more aptly, down your terrain.

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