2022 Formula 1 cars now in Rocket League

For the second year in a row, the current field of Formula 1 cars have been added to Rocket League.

Image credit: Psyonix

Formula 1 and Rocket League fans rejoice. In the lead-up to the inaugural Miami Grand Prix, a bunch of F1-themed content is now available in the famed car football (or ‘SocCar’) game through the Formula 1 Fan Pass.

Players can expect to be treated to a new car body reminiscent of 2022 F1 cars. Much like last year’s F1 pack, the team’s liveries will be placed on the same car. However, unlike last year, there are a few more items coming to the Item Shop.

The 2022 edition of the F1 pack also comes with a unique engine sound based on the sound of actual cars. It will also come with Pirelli wheels and the aforementioned 2022 liveries, albeit only five at first. Initially, only the Alfa Romeo, AlphaTauri, Ferrari, Red Bull and McLaren liveries will be available, along with a Miami-themed McLaren livery alongside it.

The announcement placed an especial focus on McLaren. Their own F1 driver Lando Norris along with McLaren esports driver Emily Jones and Rocket League streamer Athena played a couple of matches to show off the liveries.

More Formula 1 cars on the Way!

For Mercedes, Aston Martin, Williams, Alpine and Haas fans, fear not as the plan is to release the skins for those cars this summer. Another update in the autumn will bring in different colour Pirelli wheels, so players can choose between the red softs, yellow mediums or white hard compounds.

To claim the initial content from Formula 1 Fan Pack, players must part with 1,100 credits. But after doing that, the summer and autumn additions will come at no extra cost. There will also be the chance to claim a free Formula 1 2022 banner for free between 4-10 May.

There will also be a free Miami McLaren themed bundle. The Miami themed livery will be available for the McLaren 765LT which is now available in Rocket League.

Also for any customisable car in the game, there are also more Miami Grand Prix themed items. These are a topper, a flag antenna and a player banner. TheMcLaren 765LT bundle and Miami McLaren bundles will only be available until 10 May.

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