Formula 1 and NASCAR join Rocket League Season 3

Formula 1 and NASCAR join Rocket League Season 3

Rocket League is partnering with F1 and NASCAR for season three. New cars, a new map and more will drop with the new season.

Photo credit: Rocket League

Season three of Rocket League will include aspects of the world of racing, developer Psyonix has revealed on Saturday. Specifically, both Formula 1 and NASCAR are set to be represented in-game during the third season since the acquisition of Psyonix by Epic Games back in May 2019.

While the full details of F1 and NASCAR’s arrival into the Rocket League world are yet to be announced, the reveal trailer showed one model of car from each motorsport within the game. There are currently over sixty different cars to choose from, and these will add to that roster. The NASCAR model revealed in the trailer is a fully branded Ford Mustang, whereas the Formula 1 car carries a generic livery and is not an exact copy of any particular model on the current grid.

Map and More

On top of the new cars, the trailer also reveals a re-designed version of DFH Stadium, a map which has been a mainstay of the game for a long time. This re-design includes a racing circuit on the floor of the arena, with kerbs and all. Psyonix has confirmed that this map will be playable in Competitive mode, and as such the feature of the map will be entirely cosmetic.

This will certainly not be all. Another new model of car called the Tyranno will also drop with season three, though this one is entirely of Psyonix’ own creation. Players can likely expect a whole host of other cosmetic items from the worlds of NASCAR and F1 in the form of toppers, antennae, wheels and more. There will also be non-NASCAR and F1 rewards available from the Season Three Rocket Pass.

Season three drops on 7 April, so one final push to claim the best competitive rewards for season two will be on the cards for many. However, both NASCAR and Formula 1 aren’t set to arrive in the Rocket League world until early and mid-May respectively. Those who are looking forward to their inclusion will have to wait just a little bit longer.

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