From left to right: a Fennec, Dominus and Octane from Rocket League in Williams Resolve colours on a race track with a track banner above hanging from an overhead bridge with the Williams Resolve logo.

Williams and Quadrant Skins now in Rocket League

Rocket League players who are Formula 1 fans can now get the skins of both Williams and Lando Norris’ esports teams.

Image credit: Williams Resolve

If you log in to Rocket League right now and go to the Esports section of the Item Shop, you will find that it has been updated to add the skins of more esports teams that compete in the Rocket League Championship Series.

In July 2021, F1 team Williams in partnership with competitive gaming organisation Resolve announced they were joining Rocket League esports. Then in October 2022, Quadrant – the esports team of McLaren F1 driver Lando Norris – also picked up a roster to compete in the series.

Both teams have more of a presence in more mainstream-known forms of esports. Resolve used to be in the Northern League of Legends Championship and with Williams, they intend to expand into Fortnite. Quadrant on the other hand prior to entering RLCS had only competed officially in the championship series for Halo.

Now, anyone who is an avid Rocket League player that supports Williams or Lando Norris can pick up their RLCS team’s own items to apply to their cars. There will be two sets of decals (Home and Away) for the Octane, Dominus and Fennec as well as Player Banners and also Goal Explosions which will feature the team logos.

All sets of decals sell for 300 Esports Tokens apiece, the player banners are 100 Esports Tokens and the most expensive are the goal explosions which will set you back 500 Esports Tokens.

Best of Both Worlds

For those who have an interest in teams from outside the sim racing sphere, today’s Esports Shop update adds a few more orgs to bring the total up to 33 teams. These being predominantly teams from more mainstream forms of esports instead of ones with connections to racing.

Rocket League has served as a great middle ground for those coming from the world of gaming and those with a sim racing background. Teams like BS+ and Veloce – the latter of which are involved with operating Quadrant – have both had rosters in the RLCS.

Plus, there are mainstream esports teams who have run sim racing programs. Team Vitality ran the F1 Esports program for Renault between 2018 and 2020, whilst G2 Esports currently operate both Red Bull’s and their own sim racing division as a BMW partner team.

Also, up until a few days ago, Rocket League was seemingly the closest that many mainstream teams would get to racing. But with the announcement of ESL R1, some of the biggest competitive gaming organisations are getting into sim racing. The likes of Mercedes and Redline will be joined in R1 by esports giants FaZe Clan and FURIA. Both of these teams also have their items appear in the Esports section of the Item Shop on Rocket League.

If you’re interested in checking out some RLCS action, the Winter Split is getting underway on 27 January and it will be broadcast to the official Rocket League Twitch and YouTube channels. Also for those playing the game, link up your RL account to Twitch and every two hours watching the official streams will result in item drops in-game. Follow the instructions here.

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