The best sim racing deals on Black Friday

The best sim racing deals on Black Friday

Whether for sim racing equipment or games – these Black Friday deals will save you tons of money.

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Black Friday is upon us – and with it, new chances to obtain high-quality sim racing gear without going bankrupt. We took a look at the most interesting deals for base gaming equipment, your sim racing set-up and lastly, some games that you should not miss out on. While the next-gen consoles Xbox Series X|S and PS5 are sadly excluded from any Black Friday sales, we can show plenty of other highlights of this year’s best bargain shopping day:

The perfect wheel to race to victory

A good and reliable wheel is the key peripheral if you really want to enjoy racing games. Fanatec offers a 20% discount on various products for PC, PlayStation and Xbox. Several pieces of the “CSL Elite”-line, as well as Fanatec classics are on sale. Each product only has a limited quantity of units that are up for grabs. For more information, check out the official homepage of Fanatec.

Get started with gaming

If you want to enjoy some virtual racing action, there are some basic components you need to have a sufficient racing or gaming experience. Basic components like a mouse, keyboard or headset are available on a Holiday discount at Logitech. For more specific needs like VR goggles or other technological devices, Microsoft offers some attractive sales this Black Friday. The game store is not excluded from the discounts and features the Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition for only $16, so don’t miss out on that if the game is not yet in your possession.

Power up your racing set-up

For the sim racer with standards, this year’s Black Friday has tons of great deals for racing equipment in store. If you need a new wheel, base or new pedals, you might want to have a look at Digital Motorsports. The official Raceroom shop also offers gaming seats and accessories with discounts of up to 30 percent.

The hottest racing games on sale

When you’re done updating your racing corner with the newest Black Friday gear, the last hurdle is of course: the right game. But even on this front, the sales have got you covered! The subscription-based online-racer iRacing offers phenomenal 50 percent discounts on their membership models from one month up to two years. One entire year of iRacing fun is therefore now available for only $55 – better get it while you can!

For enthusiasts of RaceRoom, it might be crucial to know that you can get a huge discount on the game’s standard packs, meaning up to 93 percent off the Starter and Premium Pack and a solid 84 percent off the Pro Pack.

Sim racers who prefer to race it out on their PC should be interested in Steam’s Assetto Corsa discounts that offer the standard version for 80 percent less and the Ultimate Edition on a 90 percent discount until December 1.

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