SIMFEST Hobby Edition - Discounts and more on STEAM

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SIMFEST - Hobby Edition is now live on STEAM and features many driving games and simulators.

SIMFEST features discounts, demos and live streams - showcasing games that simulate hobbies and jobs. It started on the 28th March and will run until 04th April 10am Pacific time.

Check out the full list below, but first here are our top callouts:

Assetto Corsa Competizione (Windows) Currently the GT3 car king is discounted by 66% and is available for just £11.89.

rFactor 2 needs no introduction, physics that is loved by so many and a UI that is hated by even more! If you’ve never tried rFactor 2, then maybe now is the time as there is a massive 75% off at the moment and can be picked up for just £6.55.

WRC 7 whilst perhaps not the best WRC game in the franchise at £2.54 with a humongous 85% off, this surely is a must. FYI WRC 9 (£9.99) and WRC 10 (£23.99) are also available as part of the SIMFEST.

Have our top picks sparked an interest, or are there any from the list below that have caught your eye? Let us know in the comments.

Full list of discounted games:

Euro Truck Simulator75%£3.74
Assetto Corsa Competizione66%£11.89
American Truck Simulator75%£3.74
Car Mechanic Simulator13%£16.95
Police Simulator: Patrol Officers20%£14.39
Train Sim World 275%£8.24
Grid Legends34%£32.99
Motorsport manager85%£2.24
OMSI 230%£18.97
Mud Runner80%£3.59
rFactor 275%£6.44
Automation - The Car Company Tycoon20%£19.03
WRC 1040%£23.99
Car Mechanic Simulator70%£4.49
Tramsim Vienna25%£23.69
Fernbus Simulator33%£18.15
Drift 2160%£9.99
WRC 960%£9.99
Bus Simulator 1860%£10.79
WRC 785%£2.54
Car Mechanic Simulator VR33%£10.37
Tourist Bus Simulator33%£18.09
Tramsim Munich25%£23.69
On the Road Truck Simulator33%£15.10
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Always the way isn't it? The stuff with the biggest discount I already have and the stuff I would buy has the smallest discount :(

So do I buy that now or wait and see if it appears in the future at a lower price.

And of course, every time I buy another that reduces the time I can spent on the existing sims I have.... :confused:
Beside all racing titles i often look at OMSI 2... could be fun and relaxed, but is very expensive...
And i also wish more RF2 cars would be on sale... like the Ferrari 488, i think it was never on sale?
Would like to complete my collection, but i can't see me driving it often, so i will pass again...
Don't blame @Damian Reed - AMS2 doesn't look to be part of the "Simfest" promotion - at least as far as I can see.

I'm guessing the guys at Reiza missed the memo, but still decided knock of 50% anyway.

Oh, I'm not blaming anyone, I'm simply trying to add to his list... :thumbsup: I also found it strange it was not part of the "Simfest" offer... may have to do with the "hobby" part perhaps? :roflmao:
I fancy Grid legends. But not at that price. Others I would have been interested in I already have. I buy all my PC games from cdkeys who are a lot cheaper than Steam.

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