Simucube Active and Passive Pedal in stock now
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Simucube Announces Entry-Level Throttle

The Simucube ActivePedal which impressed the world as the first force feedback pedal last year is now joined by an entry-level passive Throttle. Both are in-stock now.

Last year, at the ADAC Simracing Expo, Simucube unveiled a revolutionary piece of sim racing hardware. The ActivePedal is the first mass-market pedal to feature force feedback.

As a ground-breaking simracing accessory, it obviously costs a fair amount, so buying a pair of trio would set one back a bit. As a result, the simracing equipment firm has just released an entry-level alternative, the Simucube Throttle.

The announcement comes just as the ActivePedal is once again in stock and available to purchase. Before getting your bank card out, here’s everything you need to know about the Simucube Pedals and the ensuing bundle.

What is the Simucube Throttle?

Whilst the ActivePedal is a versatile piece of kit that can serve as a brake, clutch or even an accelerator, it is a costly accessory. Therefore, Simucube is seemingly aware that owning an entire three-pedal set will be rare. The company’s latest innovation does cost in excess of €2,000 after all.

With that in mind, work has gone into developing a separate accelerator that can sit alongside the ActivePedal. The resulting product has just been unveiled by Simucube and is dubbed the Throttle.

The Simucube throttle is a non-force feedback sidekick to the ActivePedal
The Simucube Throttle is a non-force feedback sidekick to the ActivePedal. Image credit: Simucube

This model doesn’t feature any form of force feedback. It is designed to run as an accelerator alongside an ActivePedal brake or clutch. In real cars, the only sensation one gets from an accelerator pedal is the tension or lack there of from the cable. That is if the car itself is old enough to have an accelerator cable.

Unlike other pedals at its price-point, the Simucube passive throttle cannot function alone. It requires power from an ActivePedal to work with one’s simrig. It is via the more expensive brake or clutch pedal that this model sends information to a game and PC. However, the set can run alongside a non-Simucube wheel base.

In Stock Now

Together, the Active and passive pedals form the Simucube Pedals bundle. Available both as a duo or trio, the aim is to give more sim racers access to the force feedback variant.

By offering the ActivePedal in a pack alongside a simpler, more affordable accelerator, more fans will consider the brand’s products. In fact, rather than forking out €4,000 for a pair of pedals, Simucube can charge €2,279 for a brake and accelerator. This bundle feature one ActivePedal and one passive version.

The passive throttle needs the Simucube ActivePedal to run
The passive throttle needs the Simucube ActivePedal to run. Image credit: Simucube

For those looking to up the ante, a similar bundle is available with two ActivePedals and one passive accelerator. Perfect for giving clutch bite point and brake feedback, this is surely the ultimate simulation of a classic racer. However, with the third addition, this bundle will set you back €4,079.

Racers that already own an ActivePedal can purchase a passive model by itself. Costing just €281, it sits alongside similar alternatives from the likes of Heusinkveld. However, as aforementioned, it requires an ActivePedal to function.

After a long time off the shelves, the ActivePedal is now back in stock. From today, fans can get their hands on any of these bundles or standalone packages. Simucube Pedals come with a 5-year warranty, so expect a sturdy piece of kit.

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