Take a look at this new wireless racing wheel

Take a look at this new wireless racing wheel

Do you want the benefits of a top level steering wheel without all the wires getting in your way? Then perhaps the Simucube Tahko GT-21 Wireless wheel is the one for you.

Image credit: Simucube / Codemasters

Simucube has become quite the go-to brand for many sim racers looking for top-level hardware. The brand was born from Finnish hardware developer Granite Devices who developed the likes of the Simucube 1 direct-drive wheelbase, which was then followed up by the aptly named Simucube 2 which came in three different models: Sport, Pro and Ultimate.

Up until now, Granite have used the services of third-party developers to make the actual wheel but now they’ve created their very own and it’s got a rather interesting unique feature about it, if you had not already guessed.

Wireless Wonder

Gone are the need for wires. This wheelbase is completely wireless, but don’t go thinking it will start running low after a long night of sim racing or that it will die on you just as you’re charging towards The Chase on Mount Panorama. You get two batteries when you get the wheel that you can swap around with ease, allowing you to use one whilst the other is charging. These batteries will last you about five years of constant swapping and charging, though we don’t know just yet how long a single charge will last.

The wheel itself is 320mm in diameter and weighs 2.1kg. To learn more about the wheel in detail, watch this video by Dan Suzuki who gives an in-depth review on the Tahko GT-21.

The Simucube Tahko GT-21 Wireless wheel will be available in the latter part of November 2021 with prices of €685.80 without VAT and €822.96 with VAT.

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