Simucube Valo GT 23
Simucube Valo GT 23 - the new universal GT wheel from Simucube

Simucube Valo GT-23: Universal Steering Wheel

Valo GT-23 is the name of Simucube’s newest universal wheel. Replacing the Tahko GT 21, it sports upgrades and new features in almost every aspect.

It seems like it is a great time for enthusiasts of GT racing when it comes to equipment. Following the new Button Boxes by Asetek, this time around it is something new from the O.G.s over at Simucube. 

In our review video we give you more insight into the new Simucube Valo GT-23.

Valo GT-23 is the name of Simucube’s latest release that comes in form of a D-shaped steering wheel. While that shape is not really what you would find in modern Formula cars or even GT3, it is still widely used in other GT cars, rally monsters and even some drift cars and older Formula racers. In other words, more than enough opportunities to show off your new sim racing treasure!

Simucube Valo GT 23 - the new universal GT wheel from Simucube
Valo GT-23 is the new go-to GT wheel from Simucube replacing the Tahko GT 21.

New Valo GT-23 Comes with Magnetic Shifters and Dual Clutch

When it comes to actual features of the Valo GT-23, it boasts the typical Simucube bells and whistles. Thanks to the N52 magnet, the magnetic shifter paddles have a lovely and satisfying snap. The dual clutch now uses hall effect sensors. While the clutch feature with adjustable bite point position might not find that much use with most series starting rolling nowadays, they have another nice uses case. Because they can work as an alternative to a proper handbrake. Thus, you can also enjoy rally titles like the newest WRC game or the legendary Richard Burns Rally without investing in an actual handbrake.

Simucube Valo GT 23 sports magnetic shifters and dual clutch.
Valo GT-23 sports magnetic shifters and dual clutch.

Simucube Valo GT-23: Enhanced Successor to Tahko GT 21

While the predecessor Tahko GT 21 came without any fancy lights, the new Valo GT-23 features 18 RGB LEDs. On the one hand, similar to Asetek’s button boxes, you now have a nice visualization of your rev range. On the other hand, you can use the additional LEDs left and right for features like ABS, DRS, speed limiter and, of course, flags. 

When it comes to looks, the Valo GT-23 is more on the discreet side. The entire wheel is wrapped in black, including its base made from blacked anodized CNC milled aluminum. But there are even more changes and improvements. 

Valo GT-23 Offers Further Upgrades in Haptics and Tactile Feedback

Firstly, the rim material is different. Simucube changed its supplier in this regards, hunting for a better overall experience for us simracers. With the choice of alcantara, the Valo GT-23 looks great. Yet that also means you should have gloves ready when you want your steering wheel to look that sleek for longer.

Valo GT-23 is wrapped in alcantara and features plenty buttons – all of the standard Simucube awesomeness in one wheel.

Secondly, the buttons, of which luckily there are plenty! You have got 4 rotary encoders, 2 for your thumb on top and 2 in the center region. But there are also another 2 in the 7-way joysticks left and right. All of them also feature a push button, getting this wheel up to 16 button options in total. Like the rest of the Simucube lineup, they are all built well. Great tactile feedback mixed with proper materials should make these buttons and encoders last through several seasons of racing action. 

Simucube’s New Standards, Release Date and Price

While the Valo GT-23 features some nice new additions to the usual Simucube wheel, a few things are typical. There is for example the Simucube QR that we already know from the GT 21 as well as the Wireless Wheel Technology that connects the GT-23 via Simucube Link Hub directly with your PC. Luckily, the latency is super low. Thus, the rechargeable battery cells will not let you down in the middle of you next endurance race.

Simucube Valo GT-23 will be purchasable for €899 + VAT from Simucube’s online shop.

Talking about forgetting things, of course we did not forget about mentioning the price, so here it is: the Simucube Valo GT-23 will be purchasable for €899 + VAT in the Simucube online shop. Shipping is expected in February 2024.

Do you like the sleek and simplified design of the Simucube Valo GT-23? Or do you prefer more fancy ones with even more LEDs, display and all that stuff? Tell us on Twitter at @OverTake_gg or in the comments down below!

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