Four Gran Turismo racing driver avatars with 'Gran Turismo Sophy' written on their different coloured overalls.

Sophy AI is Finally Racing to GT7

Gran Turismo 7

It has been a long time coming, but Gran Turismo 7 players can finally go up against the highly-anticipated Sophy AI. Supposedly, it’s so quick that it can trouble even the top GT7 players.

Image credit: Sony / Polyphony Digital

Over the years, the Gran Turismo games have become infamous for the pitifully slow and cautious AI. In single player races across all instalments, the opponents have been easy to defeat, even with a head start of nearly half a lap.

About a year ago, GT developers Polyphony Digital revealed a new type of AI they had created in partnership with Sony that could rival the best drivers from the Gran Turismo World Series. After having extensive tests in a time trial setting, and in a close-quarters racing situation, the AI has been thoroughly developed and now it’s set for a limited time release for PS5.

How to Race Sophy

The brand new 1.29 title update is releasing 21 February. Sophy will be raceable through the limited in-game event ‘Race Together’ exclusively on PlayStation 5. Unfortunately PS4 players will miss out.

Players can then challenge the Sophy AI across four different circuits with, increasing levels of difficulty. It is also possible race against Sophy in a 1v1 setting. During the races, the AI will even display emoticons. So, try not to be provoked if you see one inevitably pass you with ease and they start spamming the laughing crying emoji.

An in-game screenshot of a race at Tsukuba on Gran Turismo 7 with Sophy AI making up all opponents. Player is in fourth place out of five.
Can you beat the Sophy AI? Image credit: Polyphony Digital

What Else is There?

It’s not just Sophy AI coming to GT7 in title update 1.29. Tomorrow sees the implementation of PlayStation VR2 into the PS5 version of the game. PS4 players can rest assured, at least, that there are also some new cars. The update includes the 1970 Citroën DS 21 Pallas, the 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera S and the Honda RA272, their F1 car from the 1965 season that Richie Ginther took to victory in the season finale in Mexico.

Also coming is a new Vision Gran Turismo car, from Italdesign. The design and engineering brand are responsible for many iconic cars like the DeLorean, Lotus Esprit and a couple of Alfa Romeo cars. They now have their own branded car in the form of the ZeroUno, and joined the VGT project back when it was first announced.

Only now though has their own VGT concept been revealed in the form of the EXENO, which will come as two separate models: the Street Mode and the Off-road mode. But that’s not all, an old favourite track has been set to return for a while. That track is making a comeback in this update.

Grand Valley is back! It has certainly received a major overhaul. While previously it looked more like a conventional permanent racing venue, it now resembles a public road. It would appear that the layout has remained relatively untouched, unlike fellow original Gran Turismo tracks that returned in GT7 like Trial Mountain and Deep Forest Raceway.

We can’t yet say for certain whether they’ve kept the same layouts. What we do know is there will be two layouts called Highway 1 and South. Whether they’re the same as the 3.07-mile original and 1.86-mile East layouts of the Grand Valley Speedway from previous games, we will find out when the update drops 21 February.

A seaside with a winding public road on the cliffside.
Grand Valley has been heavily reimagined for Gran Turismo 7. Image credit: Polyphony Digital

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