Super Woden GP 2: Gran Turismo Meets Circuit Superstars

Racing games with a casual look but surprisingly un-arcadey handling have become popular as a casual sim racing alternative. Super Woden GP 2 ticks that box as well – but with interesting additions. The game just launched on Steam.

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Super Woden GP 2
is a bit odd at first glance. The brand-new title obviously pays hommage to the arcade racers of the 1990s, but the Gran Turismo inspiration is impossible to ignore at the same time. Simply booting up the game and being greeted by a main menu presented as a world map, including dealerships, should leave no doubt about this.

Super Woden GP 2 Main Menu Map.jpg

Super Woden GP 2‘s main menu map. Now, where have we seen something similar before?

We got to play Super Woden GP 2 ahead of its November 10 2023 release. Created by the one-man team of ViJuDa, it follows 2021’s Super Woden GP, which received generally favorable reviews. Like the first entry to the series, SWGP2 oozes with retro charm. Players can even use filters to make it look like its played on an old CRT TV.

Racing Lines & Nostalgic Music​

If you are familiar with Circuit Superstars, Super Woden GP 2 will feel somewhat familiar to you. While lacking pit stops, tire wear or fuel consumption, focusing on a good racing line and not full-throttling it everywhere are crucial to succes in the game. The top-down view found in titles like CSUP or Art of Rally is also present. Another great addition: a soundtrack that made the author of this article think back to the Ridge Racer series – a nice bit of nostalgia.

Super Woden GP 2 Gameplay.jpg

The throwback vibe extends to the car selection, too. Players can shop for new rides at nine different dealerships from different countries, each featuring their unique car brand. While the cars are not licensed, they do strongly resemble real-life counterparts. The car selection includes vehicles from roughly the 1960s to the late 1990s.

Cars can be upgraded, washed and even get an oil change (another Gran Turismo nod?) at the workshop. Upgrades are noticeable on track, as are the different characteristics of each car. We started our test run with totally-not-a-Golf GTI, which feels agile, but not very fast. After winning a Cinder Opalium, running that was a different story. More power, but also more boat-like handling. And bespoke racing or rally cars can get downright hectic.

Super Woden GP 2 Gameplay 2.jpg

DIfferent weather conditions as well as time of day settings are part of Super Woden GP 2.

Super Woden GP 2 Cars: From Hatchbacks To Rally & Racing​

Wait, rally cars? Yup, those are included as well. In fact, entering the Arcade game mode switches things up entirely, including a Super Woden Rally splash screen and a time limit to complete stages, plus the aforementioned arcade filter.

Rallys are part of the normal campaing as well, though. Players can choose to attend single-race weekends, rallys, championships and even endurance events. Placing well in these gets you rewards in the form of stars, which you need to unlock more events. Of course, credits for car upgrades or the purchase of new vehicles are also awarded.

Super Woden GP 2 Car Tuning.jpg

Upgrade and wash your cars in the workshop – or give them an oil change.

Super Woden GP 2 features a local multiplayer mode for up to four players. Unfortunately, there is no online multiplayer at the time of the game’s release. Meanwhile, online leaderboards to compare lap times are present, however.

Accordingly, SWGP2 is primarily a singleplayer affair as it stands. The addition of an online multiplayer further down the road could make the game more interesting to players. Time will tell if this is in the plans. In the meantime, it is possible to play online with up to four friends via Steam Remote Play.

Super Woden GP 2 Car Selection.jpg

High-performance race cars are not exactly cheap – but we really want a Porsche 917k-inspired Lazarus eventually – or maybe even a Wunder GT.

Super Woden GP 2 Release​

The game always left us wanting to do one more race or championship – a good sign of an enjoyable time. Races are short, and lap times rarely exceed 60 seconds. As a result, Super Woden GP 2 is a great pick-up-and-play alternative if you want a somewhat casual break from more serious games or simulations.

Super Woden GP 2 has just launched on Steam. The game is exclusively available for PC and costs €12,95 – after November 17, that is. Until then, players save 35% on SWGP2 thanks to an introductory offer.

What are your thoughts on Super Woden GP 2? Are you going to give the game a closer look? Let us know on Twitter @OverTake_gg or in the comments below!
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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


Woden GP and Super Woden GP were both great games (I've got videos of the rally parts of both on my YouTube channel), I expect this one will continue the trend. You can likely dial back the bloom and other post processing effects too (if it's like the previous games).
I'm getting strong Art of Rally vibes from this :)
I think the art of this game looks like its reaching further back to old arcade classics like World Rally or 1000 Miglia.

This game looks great in so many ways, however my experience with other games with this locked isometric perspective and relatively close camera is just frustration with not being able to see ahead on the track. I know there is a minimap and some basic turn notes (easy left, hard left, etc), but my brain wants to see the turn I'm approaching. Driving well ends up mostly being about reacting to those cues and/or memorizing the circuit. Art of Rally's moving camera is a huge improvement for me
Super Woden GP (and Rush Rally, Slipstream.. ...I also have Heading Out in my wishlist, but it's been a while since the last news.) is what racing games used to be made for, fun, just fun.
Glad to see another Woden game
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If someone could make a UI mod for that to replace all the fake brand names and logos with what they should be properly called (not to mention fixing the dealership names from the fake countries), this could end up being a really neat little game.

They even stuck the Panama guitar riff note-for-note into the game's theme. That's pretty on the nose.
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Really glad Woden 2 is catching positive attention as the first game was already quite good and deserved to be more popular. It goes beyond putting Gran Turismo and Gaelco World Rally in a nostalgia blender and is geniunely fun in it's own right.
I like those little games verymuch for variety.
Own Super Woden 1 already. Failed for me only due the more than retro graphics (Even for retro the visuals are really bad)
Second thing was - my ultrawide was not supported.

From the pictures above i see the visuals greatly improved, so its on my wishlist now!

But last question is - can someone say if Part 2 runs ultrawide ??
Bought it and played it about an hour now.

the concept, how the whole "gran turismo" like career is built,is very cool and seems well made.
Even the cars are fake named, you can immediately realize 90% of the cars. Including very much iconic ones. Great nostalgia factor
very cool feature is the online-compersation with the times of another players on every track.

the driving itself is very basic, it´s obviously not art of rally or circuit superstars level
AI so far a bit slow for at least for me


Why not, worth support it. The price is fair. With advanced "physics" like art of rally fe. would be a real banger within the dop down racers.
If someone could make a UI mod for that to replace all the fake brand names and logos with what they should be properly called (not to mention fixing the dealership names from the fake countries), this could end up being a really neat little game.

They even stuck the Panama guitar riff note-for-note into the game's theme. That's pretty on the nose.
You can change names, but you need to do it by yourself.

Go to the game folder, then Super Woden GP 2_Data\StreamingAssets\BrandLogos

just remane Original_names.txt to custom_names.txt

Then edit the file names. There’s a list on igdc. net that it’s being updated day by day. You can wait till full completion and change filenames

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