Super Woden GP 2 Set To Get Rally Spin-off

Image: ViJuDa
Top-down racer Super Woden GP 2 is coming to consoles soon, but developer ViJuDa is busy with a spin-off as well. The upcoming title will be called Super Woden: Rally Spec.

With its gameplay being a mix of Circuit Superstars and Gran Turismo, Super Woden GP 2 is a fun casual racing game with a top-down view. The title is due for its console release on July 24, coming to PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch, supported by publisher East Asia Soft.

Victor Justo Dacruz (hence ViJuDa) is busy with another project already, however, Announced via Twitter, the Spanish racing game developer is currently working on a spin-off of SWGP2 which supposedly focuses on non-circuit racing. Called Super Woden: Rally Spec, the project seems to be emphasizing what is already a small element in SWGP2, namely - surprise - rally.

Previews Show Chase Camera​

ViJuDa has shown small previews on their Twitter as well, which indicate that the isometric view Super Woden GP 2 uses will be replaced by a 'far chase'-type of third-person camera angle. Two cars have also been shown prominently, one seemingly based off of an Alpine A110 rally version from the 1970s, the other being an nod to the Pikes Peak version of the Suzuki Escudo.

Of two further cars posted (that seemingly shrunk in the washing machine), one seems to be inspired by a Peugeot 205, while the other, much boxier design, is harder to make out. It could be a Datsun Bluebird, but maybe the rally historians among you have a better guess.

No potential release date or further info has been given, but more about Super Woden: Rally Spec should be available soon.

Are you looking forward to the Super Woden: Rally Spec spin-off of Super Woden GP 2? Let us know on Twitter @OverTake_gg or in the comments below!
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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


My whole problem with Super Woden 2 was the side to side cam meaning you can barely see where you are going having to rely on the track map. Would have a lot more time in Super Woden 2 if the chase cam got added to that instead of the dev shouting at everyone that its not possible and then adding it to their next game.

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