Aston Martin DB11 and Range Rover in the front of shot with the Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown logo above and Hong Kong in the backdrop

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown delayed to 2023

After the last instalment of the Test Drive Unlimited series released over a decade ago, players who were excited for the new game will have to wait a little bit longer for it.

Image credit: KT Racing / Nacon

This year was shaping up to be the year of the racing game fan. GRID Legends and Gran Turismo 7 both launched in the early months, and new instalments of the Forza Motorsport and Need for Speed franchises are also promised.

What was also promised for 22 September was a long-awaited new entry in theTest Drive Unlimited series. The open world driving game franchise’s last instalment was all the way back in 2011 with Test Drive Unlimited 2. It will be returning with Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown.

There’s some unfortunate news though. In a post on Steam, the developers confirmed that the game would be delayed until 2023.

In the blog post, the developers state the reason for the delay “is to make it the most polished gaming experience in the franchise by spending more time on its development”. KT Racing also confirmed that there is a beta test period in the works for anyone to take part in.

Finally, there’s another major bit of information that will come as a double disappointment for players of PS4 and Xbox One. The game is no longer going to be available for Generation 8 consoles, with the blog post citing “the aim of making the most of the technology in the latest consoles and maximising the overall quality of the game” as the reason to no longer develop it for last generation consoles.

What to Expect For Test Drive Unlimited

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown will be based in Hong Kong, in a 1:1 scale map including over 550 kilometres of road. In keeping with the old games, players can compete in races to earn cash and spend it on high performance cars. They can also spend it on properties and clothing, or even in a casino.

In the new title, players will be required to join one of two clans. The Streets are more about underground and nightclub lifestyle, whilst the Sharps are more subdued and sophisticated. Both clans will be looking to be more successful than the other by winning more races, so choose wisely.

No matter the type of cars or how you play the game, Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown is an important release in the world of driving games. There’s currently no set release date but the game will likely be available some time in 2023.

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