Revealed: New details on Test Drive Solar Crown

Revealed: New details on Test Drive Solar Crown

After more than ten years, the Test Drive Unlimited series will return in the latter half of 2022 with Solar Crown.

Image credit: KT Racing

In the Nacon Connect 2021 livestream, a bunch of racing titles were showcased including WRC 10 and motorcycle racing game RiMS Racing. Most prominently, more details have been revealed by developers KT Racing for the upcoming next iteration of the ever-beloved Test Drive Unlimited series, Solar Crown.

Named after the in-game competition that was in the previous iteration Test Drive Unlimited 2, Solar Crown will take players to a full 1:1 scale rendition of Hong Kong island. Not only will players compete on the streets of this urban jungle filled with skyscrapers and expensive vehicles, but they’ll also explore the vast and natural landscapes of forests, mountains, marshes and beaches.

On the stream, KT Racing creative director Alain Jarniou and game director Amaury Beyris revealed other elements within Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown. As well as competing in the Solar Crown tournament, players will also be able to choose to be affiliated with one of two clans.

These clans, known as the Streets and the Sharps, are age-old intense rivals who share their love of high-end cars and competing. Their philosophies when it comes to those subjects differ strongly though, so it remains to be seen how their outlooks manifest themselves within the game.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown will release for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch on 22 September, 2022.

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