Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown unveiled

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown unveiled

Developer KT Racing shared first details on the open world racing game at Nacon Connect.

Photo credit: YouTube / Nacon

A new Test Drive game has been announced during the Nacon Connect livestream on July 7. The game is going to be called Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown. Creative Director Alain Jarniou of developer KT Racing Studio shared first details on the game.

Teaser shows no gameplay

The announcement began with a teaser video showing close-ups of a car and the logo of the new game. However, gameplay footage was not presented.

Alain Jarniou then commenced speaking about the game. The name “Solar Crown” refers to a competition in Test Drive Unlimited 2.

We wanted to reuse this name and the championship’s concept, which is not a closed championship where the player is restricted to doing certain things.

Show your style in an open world

According to the announcement, TDU Solar Crown put their emphasis on open-world driving and a lifestyle experience. You will once again be able to buy cars from many prestigious brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Bugatti. In addition, you can customize your character with luxury clothes or accessories.

Players can take their cars to any spot they want in the game. “Everything you can see, you can visit,” says Jarniou.

More information is highly anticipated

A release date has not been confirmed yet. “I hope I can share more about it with you very soon,” the creative director of KT Racing said at the end of the segment. KT Racing Studio is very proficient in developing racing games. They already created games for the WRC franchise and the motorcycle game Isle of Man TT.

We’re excited to see how they will use their experience to bring new life to the legendary Test Drive franchise.

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