The best community reactions to Logitech G923

The best community reactions to Logitech G923

We collected the opinions of pro racers, the community and some spicy memes about Logitech’s new wheel.

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Logitech announced their next generation racing wheel G923 on Wednesday, August 5. The hardware will hit the market in August 2020 at a price of $399.99. We collected the best community reactions to the announcement, ranging from excitement, to heavy discussion, and even some bold memes.

If you want to know all the details about Logitech’s new flagship wheel, make sure you check out our article:


Hype about TRUEFORCE

The key selling point of Logitech’s next-gen wheel is a new force feedback system called “TRUEFORCE”. World’s Fastest Gamer James Baldwin has already got his hands on the hardware and seems to be rather impressed.

The full power of the TRUEFORCE system can only be used in Gran Turismo Sport, Assetto Corsa Competizione and GRID (2019). Esports commentator and former Nitro Nights guest Actrollvision is excited about the new feature nevertheless.

The same wheel again?

Other voices from the community have been sceptical about the new release. A lot of users think that the G923 looks very similar to its predecessor, the Logitech G29. They assume there might be no significant differences between the wheels, and therefore can’t justify buying the new hardware.

“Never change a winning team and all, but Logitech should upgrade their tech for their wheels. Unless they changed to metal gearing and refined the meshing, which I highly doubt.”
– mohragk

Memes are simply the best way to express your point of view, as this example proves:

Logitech Meme
Source: reddit / STANDARD_POTATO

The discussion about whether they are same wheels or not is very spicy. A reddit thread about the topic has already received more than 300 comments so far.

“It’s basically the g29, which is basically the g27, which is basically the g25….which came out in 2006.”
– codywar11

“So pretty much not an upgrade in any way and more a direct replacement. Again. Only new feature is something that sounds like a more advanced version of the wheel vibration setting, but in return it makes your wheel loud again, negating the only reason to swap your G27 for a G29.”
– RunRookieRun

Our Nitro Nights host Froskurinn is very excited about the G923:

Price controversy

The price of the wheel has become another big point of discussion in the community.

Our former Nitro Nights guest Danny Giusa does not seem to agree with the initial pricing.

“€399,- seems a bit steep. This “trueforce” thing better be an actual improvement.”
– borfavor

“The G29 is a good wheel when bundled at the $250-300 pricemark.. but $399 thats got to be a joke for a refreshed 5 year old product.”
– ImaginaryFriends_

Time to get an older product?

There are some smart shoppers already see their chance to grab an older-gen Logitech wheel for a good price.

“Hopefully the G920 drops in price and is actually available.”
– whatsupbrosky

Those who consider replacing their old wheel with the G923 have to get rid of their old hardware. This reddit user has found a very creative way to dispose of his Logitech G25.

dispose of his Logitech G25
Source: reddit / mckirkus

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