The Killers and YUNGBLUD: DIRT 5 soundtrack revealed

The Killers and YUNGBLUD: DIRT 5 soundtrack revealed

Codemasters revealed the songs that will be featured in DIRT 5. Some big names are in the lineup.

Image source: Codemasters

On Thursday, Codemasters finally revealed the in-game soundtrack for their upcoming rally game. DIRT 5 will be released on October 16. Some well-known artists such as The Killers, YUNGBLUD and Chaka Khan contributed to the soundtrack of the game.

From rock to electronic music

The Killers and YUNGBLUD will bring some rock ‘n roll into DIRT 5. Their songs “Caution” and “Tin Pan Boy” will be featured in the soundtrack. Fans of electronic music can look forward to “Timebomb Zone” by The Prodigy and “Bango” by The Chemical Brothers, who were already featured with a song in DIRT 4.

Even 67-year-old soul singer and 10-time Grammy Awards winner Chaka Khan joins the list of artists for DIRT 5 with her song “Like Sugar” from 2018. A list of all the songs announced so far can be found and listened to on Spotify.

“More surprises to come”

However, Codemasters confirmed via Twitter that more songs will follow: “This isn’t quite the full tracklist – more surprises to come!” In the announcement graphic, there is also mentioned a “special guest TBA”, so another big name might join the lineup.

So far, 41 songs have been annnounced for DIRT 5. The previous game of the series, DIRT 4, featured 45 different pieces of music.

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