New MXGP 2020 disappoints fans upon release

New MXGP 2020 disappoints fans upon release

MXGP 2020 finally found its way onto the market, but has fans quite underwhelmed for now.

Photo credit: MXGP on Steam

The 2020 edition of MXGP by Milestone was released on Wednesday, December 16. Upon release, countless excited fans got their preordered copies of the game – and are, for the most part, quite disappointed. Shallow graphics, squishy physics and inflexible textures make the game rather underwhelming for the community.

Just a weak start?

MXGP is currently out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC, with the PS5 version following on January 14. Various gameplay and review videos have already been uploaded to YouTube and have their comments sections overflowing with negative perceptions. Fans of the series labeled as the “official Motocross videogames” criticize the engine sounds and graphics as well as the general driving experience in this year’s edition. So, essentially, every aspect a good racing game should fulfil.

With the game up for around $50 on Steam, the community is rightfully disappointed about the uninspiring MXGP experience. With only three tracks and six waypoints on one map, the amount of content also leaves a lot to be desired. The advertised track editor that was supposed to be in the game is also lacking in the current version, which outrages players at this stage.

More optimistic fans of the series are still hoping for Milestone to fix the game’s weak points and add a track editor in future patches. On the positive side, the game does at least feature the promised avatar editor and lets drivers play around with their character. As that is unfortunately about it for the positive side, here’s to hoping for Milestone to step in and save the game.

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