GT Sport Championship: Regional Finals this month!

GT Sport Championship: Regional Finals this month!

The GT Sport Championship moves to the Regional Finals this month – World Finals awaiting us next.

Photo credit: Gran Turismo

The last hurdle before the grand finale of the Gran Turismo Sport Championship are the Regional Finals – and they are right around the corner! This month, drivers will compete in three different regions to determine who among them is worthy to advance to the Online World Finals in December.

Aiming for the top since April

Technically, the GT Sport Championship has already begun back in April: Over four months, all participating regions have held the Nations Cup Online series to determine which drivers will advance to the next stage. The regions in this phase included North America, Central and South America, Asia, Oceania and Europe/Middle East/Africa as one.

While the Regional Finals this month will be raced out by the top drivers from the Nations Cup, there was also another way for drivers to book their ticket: From October 15 to 25, drivers had the chance to obtain a top position in the Extra Stage Time Trial, qualifying for extra spots in the Regional Finals.

For the Online Regional Finals, the five original regions will be merged into three: Europe/Middle East/Africa, the Americas and Asia-Oceania. In each of these regions, twelve drivers will battle it out, with different numbers of them advancing into the World Finals in December. The top eight drivers from Europe/Middle East/Africa, the top four from the Americas and the top three from Asia-Oceania will face each other in the final stage. These 15 drivers will be joined by the winner of the World Tour 2020 in Sydney: Takuma Miyazono.

Manufacturer Series alongside the Championship

In addition to the regular championship, drivers have also competed in the Manufacturer Series since April. At the end of each of the ten rounds in which competitors represented different manufacturers, they were given points depending on their position. The ranking was then updated after every round. Alongside the regular World Finals, the Manufacturer Series will also reach its final in December with the highest ranked drivers competing for their respective manufacturer.

The Gran Turismo Sport World Championship will definitely keep sim racing fans on their heels throughout the next two months!

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