The Sim Racer Movie trailer divides the minds

The Sim Racer: Movie trailer divides the minds

The 90-second preview shows that the feature movie will likely be about more than just racing. Here is all you need to know!

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There have been a lot of movies about racing, some about esports, but a movie about sim racing has never been produced. But now, it is slowly becoming reality. The first trailer for the feature film The Sim Racer dropped on Tuesday, giving us a first impression about the look and feel of the movie.

In The Sim Racer, Luke Wallace (Roman Boylen) finds out he will lose his home unless he comes up with $9,600 in 30 days. Being a long-time sim racer, Luke enters a sim race with a prize money of $20,000 – more than enough to save the day.

In the 90-second-long trailer, we get a first look at the upcoming feature film. While we get to see some racing footage captured in iRacing, the trailer mainly focuses on the main character’s relationships with other people. It appears there will be a bigger conflict with a main opponent from the sim race as well as a romantic side-story.

Opinions about the first look at the movie went quite into different directions. Users on Twitter were heavily discussing the clip. “It’s a real-world topic and might introduce more people to sim racing. I can’t see much bad in that. Hope they do well”, Race Sim Central wrote. Others were not sold on the first glimpse at The Sim Racer. “This is going to be a train wreck, but I’m still going to watch it”, Kyl Madden tweeted.

Film director Brock Drury recently spoke with us about his motivation to produce The Sim Racer. “Me being a sim racer for over twenty years I went in with a goal of making sim racing look good and not painting it in a bad light or making a joke out of it. The Sim Racer was made for the sim racing community and not the mainstream audience”, he said. To read the full interview, click the link below.

The Sim Racer is intended to be released in 2022 on Prime Video. For more updates on the movie, follow their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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