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The Sim Racer now Available to Stream!

We reported on a movie centred around sim racing that was in development, and now The Sim Racer is available to watch on Prime Video for US and UK viewers.

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When we heard the rumblings of an indie film being made all about sim racing, we were intrigued to say the least. A lot of people were very dismissive of the concept but now, we can all make up our own minds as it’s now available to watch!

Director Brock Drury – who we interviewed in October 2021 – told us that he sold the rights to Prime Video who have now released the movie as of 16 January. Currently, the only territories that have the movie available are the US and UK, but there are options on Germany and Japan. So if you’re not in the US or UK, you may have to use a VPN.

What Is It About?

Lead character Luke Wallace – portrayed by Roman Boylen – is down on his luck after he finds out that his house is at risk of being foreclosed. He decides that the only way he can raise the funds is by winning a big sim racing competition that pays $20,000. From what we know already, the movie is centred predominantly on NASCAR and it uses iRacing. It’s quite short, only being 67 minutes long.

To rent it’s 3.99 for Standard Definition and 4.99 for High Definition. Rentals last for 30 days to start watching and once you do begin watching, it must be completed within 48 hours. To avoid this issue, it can also be bought and stored permanently on your system for 8.99 with Standard Definition or 9.99 with High Definition. The price is the same in both US and UK currencies.

Expect a review of the film here on OverTake very soon. Tune back here once it’s live if you are still on the fence as to whether The Sim Racer is worth the money to rent or buy.

As of writing this, the movie has had six reviews on IMDb which sits at an average score of 9.0/10. Whether it remains with such a high score once more people see it, only time will tell. Hopefully, though, this movie is the catalyst of something bigger for sim racing’s representation in the mainstream.

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