These celebrities are passionate esports racers

These celebrities are passionate esports racers

Soccer stars, musicians and other celebs are into sim racing. Here are some famous examples.

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Celebrities who are into racing do not need to travel all around the globe and risk to get a jetlag to drive in real races. Instead, they have the opportunity to enjoy their hobby in a virtual car. Many stars took their chance to compete at virtual racing tracks. We have some famous examples for you.

Thibaut Courtois

Due to the current situation caused by the coronavirus, Formula 1 holds virtual races on a regular basis. These competitions are a great way for celebrities to get involved with esports racing.

Courtois at the F1 Virtual Grand Prix in Spain. Source: CourtoisThibaut on Twitch

Thibaut Courtois, Belgian soccer star and goalkeeper for Real Madrid, attended several F1 Virtual GPs and seems to enjoy racing in the virtual competition.

Sergio Agüero

Another icon from the world of soccer who participated in the Formula 1 Virtual Grand Prix, is Argentinian striker Sergio Agüero. He plays in the English Premier League for Manchester City FC.


As one of the best strikers in the world, Agüero is obviously very good at quick decision making. This quality could help him on the virtual track.

Roberto Carlos

Even retired Brazilian soccer legend Roberto Carlos is into esports racing. On Sunday, May 17, the former Real Madrid defender participated in the Formula 1 Esports Challenge.

Roberto Carlos and his racing equipment. Source: @HiSpeedSim on Twitter

Marc-André ter Stegen

German soccer star Marc-André ter Stegen is the goalkeeper for FC Barcelona and also involved in esports racing. He is one of the brand ambassadors for the CUPRA e-Racer series by Seat.


Ben Stokes

Not only soccer stars try to get some extra adrenaline by participating in virtual races. Professional cricket player Ben Stokes from New Zealand competed at the F1 Virtual GP in Brazil.

Ian Poulter

44-year-old golf star Ian Poulter joined the driver field of the F1 Virtual GP several times. “The England Dynamo” loves collecting and driving fast cars, so it seems just logical for him to take his chance and compete against some of the best drivers out there.

Liam Payne

Another famous star participated in the virtual Formula One series. British singer Liam Payne is well-known for songs like “Strip That Down” and “For You”, but also seems to enjoy virtual racing.

Liam Payne at “Wetten dass…?” in Graz (2014). Source: Kurt Kulac – license (cropped)


It is no secret that DJ and music producer Joel Thomas “deadmau5” Zimmermann is a passionate gamer. But while many think of him as a PUBG, Fortnite or PES player, he is also a sim racer. The celebrity even posted a video of his epic and really expensive rig five years ago.

Image source: Codemasters

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