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This League Racing Community Offers Cash Prizes

F1 22

The One Hub Racing community will award players prizes for participating in their upcoming F1 22 racing season.

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The backbone of the online racing space are organised league communities that offer drivers of all backgrounds and skill level a chance to compete. Whilst the most prominent F1 game leagues are the ones that house the top in F1 Esports like Premier Sim Gaming Leagues and World Online Racing, there are plenty of communities that cater to all types of players.

One Hub Racing is one of those communities, and their next season begins on 25 November. In the leadup to their new season and with sign-ups still ongoing, they’ve announced that players who participate in the league are able to earn themselves prizes for doing well.

There are different types of prizes for different achievements. There is a cash pool for the top few players in each of the five tiers totalling up to £250, but there are also physical prizes.

The player whose qualifying lap times throughout the whole season totals up to the smallest amount of time can win a set of pedals and racing boots, and the player who sets the most fastest laps can also win the same pedals. The top players will even get trophies shipped out to them!

There are also some prizes that are yet to be confirmed but are coming from One Hub’s sponsors. Very rarely do these smaller communities offer such a range of prizes for all types of players, and again, any type of player can compete!

How to Sign Up

One Hub is partnered with SimGrid and their page to register interest can be found here. Players who sign up will be treated to a ten round weekly championship, with all five sets of races taking place on Fridays. The first race begins at 7pm European time and the last race of the evening starting at 9:30pm European time.

Players of all skill levels will be granted a chance to compete for a small entry fee of £6. For that small entry fee, One Hub promises the best experience for all. Along with all races being streamed to their YouTube channel, but also being matched with likeminded racers who all just want to compete.

Also for the first time, One Hub Racing will be able to unite players on Xbox, PlayStation and PC due to F1 22 having crossplay. This will only increase opportunities for more people to compete.

Our August Hero of the Month was John Rowland Mason, a 67-year old who competes in One Hub Racing’s P4 tier. He won a race last season and together with his teammate, they won the team’s championship as well as his teammate taking the driver’s title.

The league is operated by another Hero of the Month of ours, January’s HOTM Jessica Ball. The One Hub Racing Discord is linked on the SimGrid page linked above, register your interest if you want to go racing on F1 22 and potentially earn some prizes!

Will you be signing up to One Hub Racing’s F1 22 league? Tell us on Twitter at @OverTake_gg or in the comments down below!

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