Three new sporty highlights for Gran Turismo Sport

Three new sporty cars for Gran Turismo Sport

The wait is over! After more than two months without any new content and a lot of impatient racers, a Gran Turismo Sport developer announced three new vehicles for next week’s update, bringing fresh breeze to the game.

Yamauchi teased the new cars with a picture on Twitter. It shows three silhouettes of new vehicles that will be released in GT Sport next week, as announced by Kazunori Yamauchi. Yamauchi is the CEO and producer at Polyphony Digital and was already part of the development team when the game launched in 2017.

The most remarkable vehicle of the three is the Aston Martin DBR9. The 6.0-litre, V12-powered race car was confirmed during the Sydney World Tour Event that took place February 15-16 2020, but it remained unclear when the vehicle will be available in the game.

Yamauchi Twitter
Source: Yamauchi Twitter

It is unknown what the other two cars are going to be. The upper one looks like a Fiat 500, the left one could be a Nissan 180SX. Both vehicles haven’t been part of Gran Turismo since GT6 back in 2013.

New game coming up? GT Sport will get fewer updates in 2020

While the three new cars are an exciting prospect, the more interesting part of Kazunori Yamauchi’s tweet is where he talks about the frequency of upcoming updates. Considering that the last update with new content for GT Sports was version 1.53 in December, we have already seen the “new approach to content”. Now we got the official confirmation that GT Sport will get content on a less regular basis, which is what Kazunori Yamauchi means with the “new approach”.

One of the reasons that there will be less updates could be the upcoming launch of the PlayStation 5 at the end of the year. We already got a confirmation that there will be a new title for the new console, the goal will most likely be to finish it for the launch.

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