Thrustmaster Ferrari 488 GT3 wheel available for pre-order
Image credit: Thrustmaster

Thrustmaster Ferrari 488 GT3 Wheel Available for Pre-Order

Thrustmaster has just announced a new wheel replicating that of the Ferrari 488 GT3. Available now to pre-order, compatible with all TM bases.

Thrustmaster and Ferrari is a partnership that is seemingly older than time itself. Many sim racers will have experienced their first Force Feedback on a Ferrari-branded Thrustmaster wheel, and the collaboration is still strong today.

In fact, a brand new wheel rim is available for pre-order now bringing the cockpit of the Ferrari 488 GT3 car to your home. A 1:1 scale of the real world model, it features a long list of inputs and is compatible with every Thrustmaster wheel base. But with the real life car no longer racing, will it be popular?

Thrustmaster Ferrari 488 GT3 Wheel Add-on

Unveiled back in April, the Ferrari 488 GT3 wheel is a standalone wheel rim compatible with any Thrustmaster base. In fact, thanks to a pair of quick release systems, one can mount this unique model to either the new T818 Direct Drive base, or older models such as the T500 we highlighted in our used wheel guide.

The new wheel is available for the new T818 and older wheel bases
The new wheel is available for the new T818 and older wheel bases. Image credit: Thrustmaster

Perfectly replicating the real life wheel, it features as many as 11 buttons, two rotary encoders, a pair of thumb encoders and a D-pad. In addition to the many inputs, players will receive information from a quartet of LED lights placed at the top of the face plate.

At 1:1 scale and featuring a diameter of 31cm, it is certainly not small in sim racing terms. But feeling much more like a real wheel rather than the shrunk down versions the brand typically releases, the immersion is sure to be heightened. Magnetic shifters will be a popular addition for those that enjoy a satisfying shift click.

Magnetic shifter will make for good clicks on the TM Ferrari 488 GT3 wheel
Magnetic shifter will make for good clicks on the TM Ferrari 488 GT3 wheel. Image credit: Thrustmaster

Available For Pre-order

Despite being announced over five months ago, the Ferrari 488 wheel is just now available for pre-order. However, shipping will not begin before 26 October. This latest model to the Thrustmaster range alongside the SF1000-inspired wheel will cost €249.99, £199.99 or $249.99.

However, the new 296 GT3 replaced the 488 model this year. It is appearing in more and more simulators like Assetto Corsa Competizione. So with the wheel’s relevance exponentially dropping, how popular will it be? Only time will tell.

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