Top Racer Collection releases 11 January
Image credit: QUByte Interactive

Top Racer Collection Coming 7 March – All You Need To Know

Top Racer Collection is a highly anticipated compilation of old Top Racer games, returning from the dead on modern tech. Releasing on 11 January, here is everything we know about the game.

UPDATE 04/01/2024:

Originally scheduled to release on 11 January, Top Racer Collection has been officially postponed until 7 March. In a statement posted to Twitter, the game’s developer QUByte Interactive explains that the delay will enable a greater deal of polish. “We have decided to postpone the release in order to enhance the experience we want to deliver to all players.”

In the same post, QUByte announces that 11 January will remain an important date for the title. In fact, a free-to-play demo version of the game will release on the Top Racer Collection‘s original launch date. We will be sure to test the game out when this early demo releases next week.


Throughout the 1990s, British games developer Gremlin Interactive found great success with its Top Gear games. This 16-bit arcade racer series remained popular across its nine releases into the 2000s.

But ever since its last release in 2004, the series has fallen off the map. Many racing fans will remember the titles, yet others may well be learning about it now. Well, get ready to dive into the world of Top Gear, or as it is now known, Top Racer, as the series makes its comeback.

Top Racer Collection is a compilation of the first three titles in the series, along with a fourth, all-new edition. The game releases on 11 January to Steam, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series S and X. Here is all you need to know before release.

What is Top Racer Collection?

Top Racer Collection is, as the name suggests, a collection of old games from the series formerly known as Top Gear. The first three titles in the series – Top Racer, Top Racer 2 and Top Racer 3000 – join a fourth new title, Top Racer Crossroads. Whilst the original games emerged from the Gremlin Interactive offices, this new compilation comes from Brazilian developer, QUByte Interactive.

Top Racer Collection features nostalgic arcade gameplay.
Top Racer Collection features nostalgic arcade gameplay. Image credit: QUByte Interactive

Compiling these popular older titles, fans of the series will finally get to return to their favourite forgotten circuits. In fact, the new release will include an impressive 140 tracks with each title including its own car set.

Each model not only differs in the looks department. In fact, speed, acceleration, grip and even fuel consumption are unique to each car. As a result, yes, pitstops do feature in this old-but-new game.

Depending on the selected title, there are several game modes in Top Racer Collection. Multiplayer comes in two varieties; local split screen and online with two-player racers possible in Top Racer, Top Racer 2 and Crossroads. Meanwhile, Top Racer 3000 welcomes up to four players.

Elsewhere, one can also race in single-player, either in time attack mode or in races against AI. The longer-form Custom Cup sees players set up four-race championships across a selection of circuits. Finally, a Campaign is available for the most dedicated.

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