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Trackmania Esports Set for 2023 Revolution


Ubisoft Nadeo have revealed their plan of action for the 2023 Trackmania esports season, and a lot is set to change.

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For the second time in as many years, the Trackmania team at Ubisoft Nadeo have announced significant changes to the game’s competitive ecosystem. The 2022 alterations pale in comparison, however, to the 2023 reveal.

These changes are mainly focused on the highest levels of competition. However, some aspects of the new system are designed to facilitate advancement from ranked matchmaking to esports. Most significantly, all official Trackmania esports events will now be part of the new ‘Trackmania World Tour’, or TMWT.

What is the TMWT?

Essentially, the Trackmania World Tour is a broad umbrella, beneath which lie all major forms of official Trackmania esports. For instance, established competitions such as the Trackmania Grand League (TMGL), Trackmania Challenger League (TMCL) and the Trackmania World Cup (TMWC) will all continue to exist as parts of the TMWT.

On top of those, new regional tournaments will also comprise part of the esports circuit. These will be open-qualifier events, meaning that any can try their hand at participating. Competition will be divided into four regions: NCSA (North, Central and South America), APAC (Asia-Pacific), MEA (Middle East and Africa) and EU (Europe).

Competition will be standardised across all events within the TMWT. This means that the race formats for the regionals will be the same as that for the Grand League itself. Further details about the circuit, including dates, will be announced in November. However, there is another crucial change that will affect all TMWT competitions.

Trackmania Esports: New 2v2 Team Format

Once again, Ubisoft Nadeo have elected to alter the match format itself. In 2023, all TMWT competitions will feature two teams of two battling against one another. This will be the new ‘competitive standard’ mode for 2023.

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Individual races will function similarly to ranked matchmaking, with players on each team scoring points for their team based on their finishing position. The scoring system has been adjusted to fit a 2v2, rather than 3v3 format. As such, each race has three possible outcomes: an Ace, a victory, and a draw. Matches will, as standard, use a best-of-seven format.

Clearing the Path to Becoming Pro

One of the stated aims of the new changes is to make it easier for players to make the leap from being a high-level Trackmania player to becoming a professional. On top of allowing anyone to enter the regional TMWT tournaments, there are two other significant factors which are aimed at helping such individuals.

First, all TMWT tracks, including those used in the TMGL, will become part of the active track pool on the highest rungs of the ranked ladder. Furthermore, simplified versions of these circuits will be playable further at lower ranked levels. The intention of this is to facilitate gradual, consistent improvement and familiarity with tracks which will be present in the regional tournaments.

Additionally, all TMWT tournaments will yield circuit points based on finishing position. The eight teams with the most points will automatically qualify to the 2023 Trackmania World Cup. On top of that, other teams that score particularly highly will be eligible to compete for wildcard spots at the TMWC.

While the overall response to the changes has been positive, some players have voiced their concerns over the frequency with which Ubisoft Nadeo have altered their esports systems. Nevertheless, for many, 2023 will be an exciting year in the rich history of competitive Trackmania.

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