2023 TT Races Roster available now for Ride on the Edge 3
Image credit: Nacon

TT IOM: Ride on the Edge 3 Gets 2023 TT Races Roster DLC

Released earlier this year, the official Isle of Man TT game, Ride on the Edge 3 today gets a selection of 2023 liveries in the 2023 TT Roster DLC. Here is what the pack offers.

In early May, just before this year’s race, the official game for the Isle of Man TT bike race released as the third of its namesake. TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 3 features a full-scale Isle of Man to explore. It also includes a plethora of bikes, teams and riders from the 2022 event.

But now just a few months after the 2023 edition of the infamous Tourist Trophy, bike fans can finally see their favourite current riders in the game. Today, Nacon and Raceward Studios release the all-new 2023 TT Races Roster DLC.

However, presenting as a simple livery pack with a few dozen 2023 colours, it will set you back a skyward €14.99. Worth it or not, here is all you need to know about the 2023 TT Races Roster DLC for TT IOM: Ride on the Edge 3.

IOM 2023 TT Roster Out Now

The 2023 livery DLC pack releases to all platforms today, 9 November 2023. Much like the base game, this additional pack focuses on the Superbike and Supersport classes. As a result, the Supertwin, Superstock and Sidecar models are still missing from the game.

Across the two classes, the package includes a total of 40 liveries. These spread across the riders already featuring in the game and 12 additional personalities. These include titans of the sport such as the dominating pair of 2023; Michael Dunlop and Peter Hickman. It also features up and coming racers like Pierre-Yves Bian and David Datzer. Finally, the popular David Johnson finally features in the game after missing the 2022 edition due to injury.

The TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 3 2023 TT Races Roster DLC is available on all stores. As aforementioned, one can pick it up for 14.99€. However, those that opted for the Racing Fan Edition at launch will get the pack for no extra charge.

The pack comes alongside a new update to the game. Fixing a small audio bug, it also adds a new time trial game mode. If you have not picked the game up in a while, now might be the perfect time to enjoy exploring the Isle of Man once more.

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