Humble Bundle releases the Ultimate Racing Sim Bundle Victory Lap
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Ultimate Racing Sim Bundle: Get 7 Games for a Tenner

For the next two weeks, Humble Bundle is selling seven racing games for just over €10. Here’s all we know about the Ultimate Racing Sim Bundle.

For many years, Humble Bundle has been selling game keys at reduced prices in support of various charities. Every now and then, the organisation bundles a collection of titles together in a single pack, selling it off for dirt cheap.

That is what sim racers will be excited for at the moment. The Ultimate Racing Sim Bundle returns for the next two weeks in Victory Lap specification. Combining seven brilliant racing games in one pack, the bundle costs a minimum of just €11.68. Most titles in the pack cost that much by themselves. Here is what you get for your money.

Ultimate Racing Sim Bundle Games

Whilst it would be easy to put together some of the less popular racing games around, Humble Bundle is pulling out all the stops. Of the seven titles included, five are among the top racing simulation games on the market.

An image of a Toyota Corolla GR and an Infiniti Q50 racing at Donington Park
Image credit: Studio 397

rFactor 2 is often cited as having the best tyre model in sim racing. Recently, the game’s developers Studio 397 have put work into its content selection. With plenty of additional packs to choose from, getting the base game for less is a great opportunity to save some money for its extra content.

Elsewhere, Kunos Simulazioni is a developer that has grown into an industry leader in the last decade following two hyper-successful releases. Assetto Corsa Competizione is certainly the go-to sim for GT3 racing and online competition. The first of its name, Assetto Corsa on the other hand is something many racers claim to be a must-have. If you don’t own these titles, the bundle is value enough already.

An image of four IndyCars racing on an oval in Automobilista 2.
Image credit: Reiza Studios

Last month, Reiza Studios launched update 1.5 for Automobilista 2 revolutionising the game’s physics. Many more players will certainly want to make the most of this deal to get their hands on one of the most immersive titles out there. The game’s predecessor, Automobilista also features in the pack.

Bonus Titles

Alongside the five top titles is Drift 21, a drifting simulator that makes for great online fun. All about cars, modification and going sideways, many fans acclaim its fun factor. Finally, NASCAR Heat 5 rounds out the selection. Often seen as the last great NASCAR game, it may have released in 2020. But it does include the current Next Gen Cup car and many liveries running up to the 2023 season.

At full price, these seven games would cost €308.79, so it is certainly a fantastic deal. Even if you already own a number of the games on the list, it may be worth trying out new titles. Send the keys you don’t need to friends so you can enjoy online racing with your pals.

Ultimately, money from the sale of this pack goes to charity. This particular bundle supports Trees, Water & People but one can change this to suit your beliefs with a number of charity organisations to choose from. The minimum donation to get your hands on the pack may be €11.68. But one can spend as much as they want beyond that price to support those in need.

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