Unicorns of Love partner with NetRex heading into ERWC

Unicorns of Love partner with NetRex heading into ERWC

In the leadup to the Esports Racing World Cup, Unicorns of Love have partnered up with NetRex. Two esports teams from very different sides of the esports racing world.

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Take two sides of the esports racing world and merge them, what do you get? On one side you have an established and well known competitive gaming organisation: Unicorns of Love.

The Hamburg-based outfit are known more for their involvement in contemporary esports such as League of Legends, Valorant and formerly Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Starting in 2020, they began to invest in the virtual racing world by competing in championships taking place on Assetto Corsa Competizione, such as the SRO GT World Challenge Europe Esports series and the Sim Grid World Cup by VCO.

Their efforts earned themselves a place in the VCO Esports Racing World Cup which takes place this upcoming weekend, 28-30 January. The event will see them not only compete on ACC but also on iRacing and rFactor 2. UoL hasn’t had any racing experience on either of those two simulators, so their partnership with NetRex will bring some much needed know-how.

NetRex has been a mainstay in the sim racing scene for many years, mainly specialising in rFactor 2. The organisation has found the majority of its success in Formula SimRacing, winning many championships. Their driver Noah Reuvers also finished third in the rFactor 2 Formula Challenge championship.

Whilst they aren’t that seasoned when it comes to iRacing, their rFactor 2 knowledge combined with Unicorns of Love’s ACC experience will at least get them most of the way to where they need to be to compete in the Esports Racing World Cup.

Unicorns of Love’s sim racing manager René Sievert and NetRex’s PR & Sponsorship manager Jurgen van Bergen spoke to OverTake regarding the partnership:

René Sievert:

We are very fortunate to have NetRex as our partner for the upcoming ERWC tournament. VCO Esports is hosting one of the most competitive cross platform series this year which requires expertise across multiple platforms.

With the experience NetRex has in rFactor 2 we will forge a strong line up to be a consistently strong competitor in 2022. It’s a great opportunity for both teams and I hope the partnership will result in a strong symbiosis.

Jurgen van Bergen:

We are very happy to partner up together with Unicorns of Love for the Esports Racing World Cup. We are two teams that both are taking part in the top championships on their respective simulator, so it’s more than logical that we would combine forces and show the simracing community that the future starts here.

During the ERWC announcement at the Sim Racing Expo, we said to each other that if we were able to attend an event like this, we would have succeeded in our development as a team this year. Over the last few months, we as NetRex have continued on that development and now we are here, ready to put ourselves to the test.

We would like to thank René Sievert and Unicorns of Love for the opportunity and our sponsors P1SIM and Venym for their continued support and trust.

In the Esports Racing World Cup, Unicorns of Love will have their pre-existing drivers Tobias Gronewald, Leon Otocki and Michael Tauscher joined by NetRex’s Carlos Martín and Noah Reuvers.

Tune in to the Esports Racing World Cup from 28-30 January to see all their five drivers in action across all three days on all three platforms, going up against other leading esports racing teams in the definitive virtual motorsport tournament.

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