Veloce Return to Rocket League Esports

After leaving the scene in early 2020, the famed esports racing team have made their return to the Rocket League Championship Series.

Image credit: Psyonix

When it comes to vehicle-based games, Rocket League is the undisputed king in terms of viewership. In 2021, the game ranked second in hours watched on Twitch with nearly quadruple the number of hours of the next driving game. The second highest is TrackMania, which ranks ahead of games like iRacing and F1 2021.

As a result, more and more teams known from racing are seeing the potential of competing in Rocket League esports. Currently in the Rocket League Championship Series, F1 team Williams compete in partnership with competitive gaming organisation Resolve. There are also renowned sim racing and esports teams BS+COMPETITION and G2, among others.

Veloce’s Rocket League Esports History

Veloce were previously involved in the competitive Rocket League scene back in 2019 before discontinuing their involvement the following year. They fielded a European team and managed some impressive results. Their highlight was the European regional final of the Rocket League Rival Series season 7, which they won.

Well after a two year absence, Veloce are back in competitive Rocket League.

Veloce have acquired the roster formerly occupied by EMPTY, a Saudi team with the players Osama ‘Smw.’ Al-Humaidan, Mohammed ‘Twiz’ Al-Saeed, Ahmed ‘Senzo’ Ayed and substitute Bandar ‘Impressive’ Al-Shaikh. In their first regional split, Veloce performed well, only narrowly losing out on becoming MENA champions.

They ended their first two matches 3-0 before then losing 4-0 to the Cola organisation which bumped them into the lower bracket. They then went on to defeat the 01 Esports team in the lower semifinal 4-0 and went up against Cola again in the lower final and defeated them 4-3. That put them into the Grand Final against Team Falcon who went on to beat them 4-2. But still, this was a positive result for Veloce.

To follow Veloce, stay tuned to the Middle Eastern North Africa region as that is where they will be competing. They’re aiming to qualify for the Spring Split Major which will be an LAN event held at the Copper Box Arena in London where Veloce are based. Many UK based Rocket League fans will be excited about this event, which will take place 29 June-3 July.

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