An image of Max Verstappen from a Heineken photoshoot for the new Player 0.0 project.

Verstappen Involved in New Heineken Gaming Initiative

News emerged this week of a partnership between Max Verstappen and Heineken. Much more than a simple sponsorship deal, the announcement mentions a new ‘gaming initiative’. This comes weeks after the reigning F1 champion signed with EA in a push for wider recognition for simracing.

Image Credit: Heineken

Max Verstappen has long been one of the greatest advocates for simracing in the public eye. For many years, simracers have spotted him in various online servers. He often appears on entry lists for some of the most glamorous simracing events in the world. Meanwhile, a recent outburst during the 24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual event caught live on-stream displayed his passion for simracing.

This passion has led to recognition for the reigning F1 World Champion. He has become something of a spokesperson for simracers for those unaware of the hobby. This week it was announced that a deal between Verstappen and Dutch beer company, Heineken would involve commitments within simracing, including a so-called ‘gaming initiative.’

A Deal Extending Beyond Verstappen and Heineken

The Dutchman is set to become more than just an ambassador for Heineken’s alcohol-free 0.0 campaign as part of this signing. According to statements, he will also collaborate with Heineken on a new gaming initiative, called Player 0.0.

The announcement refers to a new virtual racing experience for fans. Reportedly, this vision will culminate in the chance for racers to go up against some of the world’s best drivers. It seems, then, that the two parties are putting together an online competition for fans. More information will supposedly be released at some point in 2023.

But, in the meantime, we can certainly hazard a guess as to what this will involve. Surely, the many ex-racing driver Heineken 0.0 ambassadors will join in in one way or another. Most prominent of the existing ambassadors for the brand is 2016 F1 World Champion, Nico Rosberg. Could we see the best simracers challenge Rosberg in-sim or even on-track?

It’s clear that this gaming initiative between Heineken and Max Verstappen is more than a traditional sponsorship deal.

But the sponsorship itself extends to the F1 driver’s racing team, Racing and its simracing partner, Team Redline. The Player 0.0 logo will now feature on all Redline and Verstappen Racing cars both in real and virtual motorsport.

This most recent announcement comes just weeks after EA Sports signed Verstappen as an EA Athlete.

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