Check out these BeamNG.Drive secrets
Image credit: BeamNG

Bored in BeamNG.Drive? Try These Secret Features

With so much to do, it is difficult knowing what to do in BeamNG.Drive, but Marvin has found secret features to keep you entertained when bored. How many were you aware of?

Several large free roam maps, a plethora of cars, a long list of challenges and seemingly endless third party content. There is no doubt that BeamNG.Drive has a lot to offer on the surface. However, in his most recent video, our own Marvin Miller has found a collection of no less than 30 secrets to discover in the game.

In fact, whilst there are so many things to do in the game, one will eventually get bored. So if that time does ever come for you, why not try exploring the numerous hidden features of the game. Locations and keyboard shortcuts are certainly cool. But a hidden game mode might just take the biscuit as the coolest secret in BeamNG.

How to Play BeamNG.Drive Career Mode

In his video, Marvin points out that the Career Mode button on the Main Menu is greyed out. However, there is a way of playing this rudimental campaign. The process is far from difficult, but here is how to launch the game mode.

  • Open the BeamNG.Drive Main Menu
  • Click on the Career Mode panel six times
  • Click ‘Yes’ on the Experimental Warning screen
  • You are ready to go.

In this Career Mode, you start out with a second hand road car. Use this model to complete challenges, earning money as you do so. Spend this money on upgrading your car to complete more complicated events. Slowly, you will work your way up to building an out-and-out race car, or even purchase a brand new supercar. Simple but effective, it offers plenty of replay value.

Race to victory in the BeamNG.Drive secret Career Mode
Race to victory in the BeamNG.Drive secret Career Mode. Image credit: BeamNG

More Hidden Secrets

Aside from the Career Mode in BeamNG.Drive, Marvin also covers a variety of other secrets in the game. The title seemingly offers secret locations hiding in plain sight on a variety of maps. From strange buildings to underground routes to explore and freaky sounds, there is much to explore.

Elsewhere, many of the game’s cars feature neat little Easter Eggs. Certain models see the player connecting dots and laughing out loud whilst others can be painted with pop culture references. To find out all 30 of the secrets we have found in BeamNG.Drive, check out Marvin’s video.

How many of these BeamNG.Drive secrets were you aware of? Do you know of any others? Let us know on Twitter @OverTake_gg or in the comments below!

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