Five Things we need in Sim Racing in 2023!

Sim racing is great – but it could still be better. In our latest YouTube video, we looked at which things we need to see in 2023 to help sim racing reach new heights.

Photo credit: Reiza Studios

A new year means everyone has his or her resolutions, and so should sim racing! But what exactly needs to change in our favourite games, and in the scene in general, to make sim racing better?

Our editor Marvin points out five things that we need to happen in sim racing in 2023.

Rain in iRacing

iRacing has been the top dog of racing simulations since…forever. But there is one essential thing that keeps missing in the game, and that is rain.

However, racing in rain and being able to adapt to changing conditions is one of the most essential skills in racing and what separates a good from a great driver. So why would one of the best simulations on the market not have that feature?

Recently, screenshots of cars racing in wet conditions in iRacing have been leaked. We hope to see the feature roll out in 2023!

Comeback of Esports in Sim Racing

Do not get us wrong. We know that esports is still alive in sim racing and there are multiple competitions. But think back to the year of 2020, when there was such a massive hype within the scene.

Le Mans Virtual, the Porsche Esports Supercup, the F1 Virtual Grands Prix. Those events brought a flood of viewers to the scene. Most of them still exist but the interest has drastically decreased.

In Marvin’s opinion, this comes down to the lack of initiative the series have put into their seasons after the golden age of 2020.

In our video, Marvin points out how he wants esports organisers to solve this problem and tells us three more things we need in sim racing in 2023. Make sure to check out our YouTube video and subscribe to our channel!

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