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How to Get F1 23 Setups from the Pros

F1 23

ChampionJoe shows how to get fast setups as he guides you through the process of quickly setting up F1 23 using setups from the fastest esports drivers.

For the casual player, getting setups is an overwhelming task. Doesn’t matter the game, changing the settings of the car can be the difference between winning a race and being seconds away from the field by the end of the first lap.

It’s a complex process, especially with all the additions to the car setup menu in F1 23. You just want a good setup for a track and go. Which is probably why you just searched up ‘F1 23 Setups’ in a hurry.

But what if we tell you that you don’t need to whip out your phone to get a decent setup?

ChampionJoe shows you that there are quick and easy ways to get decent setups on F1 23.

Nabbing from the Experts

If you load up time trial, you can see the times set by some of the best players in the world. These include F1 Esports drivers like champion Lucas Blakeley and future stars such as Otis Lawrence. They’ve got the expertise of F1 game experts as part of their teams developing setups with them, so maybe start there.

You are able to go over to their time and load their setup after selecting them. If you’re not on PC, make sure you tab over to all platforms’ times to find them. Now you have a setup from one of the fastest drivers on the game, and you can save that ready for an online race.

Online ranked races are either five laps or 25% Grand Prix distance, so not very long. Therefore a time trial setup won’t necessarily be so terrible for those races, as these time trial setups are optimised for pure pace and don’t have to factor in tyre wear.

It’s probably safe to say that these setups won’t work for community league races where the races are typically 50% Grand Prix distance. In which case, PC users can go for the next option. Going into the Steam Workshop can let you find a lot of setups, although there’s no real way to know if they’re any good.

But wait, there’s a third option!

Our Setups

If these high-level setups don’t work for you, we have our own setup guides that can give you a good idea of how to set your car up for some longer races. So if you’re struggling for ideas, read up on all our setup guides for multiple tracks, with many more still to come!

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