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The top Seven Open World Racing Games in 2023

Open world racing games are on the rise: they have revolutionized virtual racing and with every new game, the worlds just seem to get bigger and better. There are endless opportunities!

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In our newest YouTube video, our editor Marvin ranks the seven best open world racing games in 2023 and tells you which title might be the best fit for you!

#7 – Need for Speed Unbound

One of most recent open world releases was Need for Speed Unbound. While the story of the game received its fair share of criticism, the imaginary city of Lakeshore is a well-crafted open world. At almost every corner, there is something to do – be it committing property damage or fleeing from the cops once again.

Marvin particularly likes how the different race layouts flow with the open world and how everything is connected. If you are looking for a newer game with a unique comic art style, Need for Speed Unbound is worth a look.

#4 – Driver San Francisco

Released in 2011, Driver San Francisco has long been a fan favourite because of its revolutionary approach to arcade racing. In Driver San Francisco, your mission is to take down the main villain: Crime Lord Charles Jericho. On your way to find him, you need to engage in many crazy car chases in the open world.

What makes Driver San Francisco so outstanding is what Marvin calls a “Poltergeist-esk” racing experience in being able to take control of any car in the open world mid mission. If you are looking for an out-of-the-box playstyle, Driver San Francisco is your choice.

#2 – Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 brings us to beautiful Mexico. Developer Playground Games once again outdid themselves by creating an open world that, while enormous, is at the same time very varied and full of detail. Combined with a car park of more than 500 vehicles, this the definition of true open world freedom.

From a technical and gameplay perspective, Forza Horizon 5 has given us the best open world we could have asked for. Yet still, there is one game that, in Marvin’s opinion, is even better.

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