Sim Racing Games That We Are Going To Miss In 2024 rFactor 2 IndyCar
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The roster of 2024 sim racing games to be excited for has shrunk considerably due to the Motorsport Games situation. That is a shame – some of these titles could have been really refreshing.

Recent weeks have been busy when it comes to news surrounding Motorsport Games. First, the company announced a reduction of its workforce by 40%. Then, it emerged that TOCA canceled the licensing agreement for the planned BTCC game, with IndyCar rumored to be considering the same for their planned-for-2024 title. The Q3 2024 earnings report did not look positive either.

In the middle of all this, MSG announced the release date for Le Mans Ultimate to be February 20, 2024. WEC fans are hoping that the sim focusing on the 2023 season will see the light of day, and in a decent state. However, there is an undeniable uncertainty surrounding the title.

2024 Sim Racing Games: IndyCar Fans’ Wait Likely To Continue

Additionally, as Motorsport Games Australia has been closed, it is highly unlikely that the IndyCar game will ever get released. This means that fans will have to continue waiting for an official game. The most recent IndyCar game turns 20 years old in 2024. With the BTCC game canceled and the NASCAR license having been sold to iRacing, LMU seems like a make-or-break release for Motorsport Games.

On a more positive note, the recently-introduced ranked online system for rFactor 2, which also falls under the MSG umbrella, appears to be rather popular. Since its introduction, rF2 player numbers have risen significantly.

No matter your opinion of MSG as a company, it is a shame that these 2024 sim racing games are not going to be released. Our own Jonas ‘ChampionJoe’ Schulz took a deep dive into the situation in his latest video. Be sure to check it out at the top of this article!

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