VRS Coanda establishes its first gaming house

VRS Coanda establishes its first gaming house

For years, we have watched esports racing getting more and more professional with prize pools rising and events getting more popular. Spurred by this development, Virtual Racing School and Coanda Simracing are some of the first organisations to establish a professional esports racing gaming house.

VRS Coanda Simracing is a German organisation established in 2014. It’s the home to many popular drivers such as four-time iRacing world champion Martin Krönke or iRacing Rallycross world champion Mitchell deJong. Coanda is considered one of the best teams in esports racing that has proven its dominance many times, lately by winning the iRacing GT world championship 2019.

Throughout the last years, possibilities for making esports racing a full-time job have increased. Whether it is through streaming or the rising prize pools, the business is booming and VRS Coanda have been reaching out for new opportunities since their formation. They have been cooperating with Virtual Driving School as their main partner for years, with several team members creating content and coaching other drivers on behalf of the platform.

“For me the idea of a team house is massive, it’s a huge step for the team, myself, and sim racing as a whole.” – Joshua Rogers

New opportunities

In March 2020, VRS Coanda announced they’re establishing their first esports racing gaming house. Drivers Josh Rogers, Mack Bakkum, and David Williams will be the first residents. They are joined by Philipp Stamm who will be the manager of the project. Star-drivers like Mitchell deJong or Martin Krönke are planning to visit the house regularly.

“If someone would’ve told me 2 years ago it was possible to do this full-time I would’ve probably said they’re nuts. To now live and work together with my teammates and friends is a tremendous opportunity I can’t wait to make the most of.” – Mack Bakkum

The drivers will find a fully detached streaming house. Besides practice, it will also offer possibilities to work on modifying hardware and a small gym. According to Coanda, the house can also be used to host events. The organisation plans to invite guests for competitions, coaching, and content creation.

We’re excited to see how VRS Coanda is going to use their new opportunities and whether it will push the team further to the top. The organisation wants to share more details on the project with the public in the next weeks.

Teaser souce: VRS Coanda Simsport / iRacing

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