What Are Your Surprisingly Fun Car/Track Combos?

Many circuits are built with certain cars in mind. Therefore, some cars don't fit on some circuits. Some cars aren't meant to fit on a circuit. But some of those combinations that on paper look dreadful actually do work. Let's take a dive into some surprisingly fun car/track combos!

DISCLAIMER: This article is heavily dependent on your comments. It serves not so much as an article letting you know of many different combinations, but rather should it inspire you to bring forth your own experiments in the comments down below!

As I mentioned in the lead, some cars aren't meant to fit on certain circuits. For example, you wouldn't put tiny cars on a vast high-speed circuit. Also, fitting huge trucks or similar vehicles around tiny little tracks like Vålerbanen might not be the most interesting to race.

Now that makes sense on paper, right? There's only one problem with that. Slight little adjustments to that very steady argument make for a rather enjoyable time. Here's what I've come across.

Trucks at Vålerbanen​

Now, I know what I just said. Trucks around Vålerbanen are not the most interesting thing to race in. Vålerbanen doesn't really fit more than 1.5 trucks next to each other. However, queue a certain single-player alternative called leaderboards.

Go to RaceRoom, for which I'm sure every single one of you owns every single DLC (Right? Please don't let me be the only one!) and select the RaceRoom Truck around Vålerbanen. Now, I haven't set a valid lap (yet), but am planning to do so. Hopefully. One day.

Big, huge vehicles aren't the best friends of track limits, if you catch my drift.

Anyways, I want to challenge the leaderboards there, which has a bountiful 4 lap times set. My goal is P1. And I invite you to make this goal as challenging to achieve as possible for me. See you on the racetrack!

Mini Cooper S's at ExCeL London Formula E​

How should I explain this? It just works.

rFactor 2 is sometimes rather weird with its DLC policy. Prices aside, when the Mini Cooper S was released a few months back, I was quite surprised. And when I read that they were a blast around the ExCeL Formula E track, I was perplexed. How would that even work?

I mean, the Mini Cooper S doesn't even have Attack Mode! Blasphemy!

But then I tried it and it felt ... nice. Too nice, maybe. It is just the thing that shouldn't work. Formula E-specific circuit and just about the slowest car in rFactor 2.

Granted, it is not very fun in a sort-of leaderboard challenge. But the pack racing is amazing. So many overtaking opportunities, so many diving opportunities. So many opportunities for stewards to get even more grey hair than every single one of them already has. I'm so glad singleplayer races aren't live-stewarded.

Anyways, as I mentioned in the beginning, I want to stop hogging the limelight for now and give you ample opportunity to share your opinion. So without further ado, here come the question of the week:

What Are Your Surprisingly Fun Car/Track Combos? Please, let us know in the comments down below!
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- Opalão anywhere

- Copa Truck on Ovals, Bathurst, Nordschleife or anywhere else (kartodromes included)

- Australian Supercars anywhere

- Superkart on Cadwell Park or Londrina... or anywhere else

Apparently, there are cars that are fun anywhere
Mugello races with the Ginetta.
That track is good with any car though.
For testing, I love blasting down the straight with the 2017 Porsche RSR.
I sometimes find on certain section, I'm forgetting to breathe normally.
Every corner you get through feels like a win.
You get through one and start preparing for the other.
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Nowadays I have great fun in Assetto Corsa with these combo:
- 1980's prototypes (Mazda 787B, Porsche 962C, Mercedes C9) at Spa-Francorchamps THR 1966;
- GT3 (URD & RSS, but Kuno's are cool too) at Fat Alfie's Feldbergring;
- Caterham 420R (2020) spec races at Nordschleife.
I have a few I do from time to time for a laugh.

Single player race in anything high horsepower with minimal down force, on VIR Patriot Course. Any sim that has the track will work well for this. This is chaos.

60s/70s muscle car on Nordschleife, Mugello, Suzuki, etc. Preferably tracks that incorporate long corners that you have to fight the car through. There is an Assetto Corsa Mustang mod that is perfect for this. This is a great challenge. Hotlapped, although I would love to do a race with that car against others.

RUF Yellowbird 100% boost on Nordschleife trying to replicate that video from the 80s. It's tricky to slide that car at full boost around this track. Hotlapped.

AMS 1 the Super Trophy Trucks on any track in a single player race. I will never forget getting slammed into a wall by AI after a jump, and my steering wheel going full lock from the impact, causing the irl data cable to rip in half. I don't drive this combo too often but it is a blast.
I am very boring and stick with the traditional combinations of cars and tracks.
For the most part I much the same.

The good thing about historic you can drive them on modern tracks as track day or revival.

Even still I much rather stick to the right era for the most part.

Having said that I enjoy driving anything on my favourite tracks.

This is what I love about rFactor2, I can select 25 totally different series cars make a rfmod run a online server "offline" then swap from car to car without ever having to reload the track.

So if I drive all 25 models in a session I save 24 track reloads, that is huge benefit imho.

P.S. Oh the huge elephant in the room for me.
Isle of Man I will drive anything.
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lately i've tried maserati 250 6-cyl on VRC Alabama and it's surprisingly tons and tons of fun.
Also classic Escorts on modern Sachsenring i loved since rfactor 1 and HistorX, in AC the Escorts are a bit less crazy, but still work great there, and Pessio's Capri is doing the job there as well.
C3R at Bathurst in AMS2 is a lovely combo, not quite unusual as the v8 beasts is quite trivial thing there, but still a lovely combo.
NASCAR or V8 Supercars at the Nordschleife at dusty track & 10C temp settings in AC! These cars are a handful! :) #OppositeLockExits
Audi S1 Quattro at Monza, long gear ratios & again dusty track. This car is just mega around there.
Lotus Type 97 around Nordschleife or Isle of Man, Lotus 49 around Targa Florio...
I actually drive most cars at dusty tracks & 10C temp bcs tires are super cold & you're on the edge all the time. The first laps are always super scary!
In AC... surprised because I previously didn't like the cars - but in the below tracks, they just came alive.

Online race with Transit Van @ Nurgurgring GP was a blast, lots of fun had by all.
Audi Quattro S1 E2 (rally car) @ Fat Alfie's magnificent Thomson Road
Porsche Singer (lovely mod) @ yet another Fat Alfie track - Bremgarten
Any of the old Mini Cooper S's @ Goodwood, the drift though Fordwater into St Mary's is, I think, close to driving heaven:inlove:
Lola T70 @ Silverstone '67

Too many to mention tbh:p
Juise's Ford Coupe Legends cars are absolutely fantastic on the GPK Indianapolis Oval Layout; it's like a miniaturized version of a classic Brickyard 400! Really, any combination of Legends Coupe and smaller oval are winners in AC, even with the game's oval-racing limitations. Here are some other recommendations that I'd run those Coupes on, in no particular order:
Personally, I'd love to see the GPK Monza and Hermanos-Rodriguez tracks get updated to add their oval-only layouts; oval tracks that suit the scale of the Coupe Legends cars are few and far-between, and I feel that the Legends car itself has unfortunately flown under the radar of skin-creators which is a shame since often oval-racers have some of the best liveries both in the real world and in-sim.
Things that couldn’t happen in real life. Modern F1 cars on old layouts that don’t exist anymore such as original Österreichring, or James Hunt’s 1976 McLaren around modern Zandvoort.

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