Community review of Automobilista 2 version 1.5
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What do Sim Racers Think about AMS 2 Update 1.5?

With AMS 2 up to version 1.5, sim racers are flocking back to the sim. Here are some of the community’s thoughts in this review of Automobilista 2 update 1.5.

Overnight, Reiza Studios launched the highly anticipated version 1.5 update for Automobilista 2. Bringing a complete tyre model overhaul and several sizeable changes to aerodynamic and suspension simulations, it’s fair to say the game drives differently to before.

Version 1.5 of AMS 2 comes alongside an equally revolutionary DLC pack. Whereas all of the simulator’s content until now focused on tarmac road racing, the Adrenaline Pack adds off-road rally cross and buggies. A large change in tack, it is interesting to see the Reiza team spread its wings and look further afield for its content.

The Formula USA was among the first cars to get version 1.5 physics
The Formula USA was among the first cars to get version 1.5 physics – Image credit: Reiza Studios

The whole aim of the update was to bring forth a fix to the title’s previously unpopular handling physics. A sloppy mess of understeer, oversteer, lack of feel and laziness is how many would describe the game prior to the update. But has that improved? Well, it seems the community believes so.

Automobilista 2 Version 1.5 Community Review

It seems that across the board, the sim racing community is very pleased by the latest Automobilista 2 update. A look through the Reiza Studios forum will certainly offer up an endless stream of positive comments and messages. Furthermore, it appears that influencers are enjoying the game again too.

British YouTuber and streamer, Mr Git looked to be having great fun in this lap of the Nordschleife behind the wheel of the Mercedes CLK GTR GT1. BS+ Competition’s Nils Naujoks is especially excited about the new rallycross content featuring in the game. He points out just how connected he feels to the cars.

As mentioned above, it seems that Automobilista 2‘s new form is creating great excitement among the sim racing community. Many comments indicate that fans are looking forward to future content, including the second part of the Adrenaline Pack. In fact, more off-road racing is looking likely following Reiza’s recent community posts. Furthermore, we have known for some time now that a number of Le Mans-centric DLC packs are on their way.

This fan and many others are enjoying the AMS 2 Adrenaline Pack
This fan and many others are enjoying the AMS 2 Adrenaline Pack

It hard to find anything other than a positive review for of the Automobilista 2 version 1.5 physics updates as well. The Reiza forums feature a plethora of messages praising the much-improved interaction between the cars and the track surface.

This all leads to fans proclaiming that they are turning their backs on other popular titles, instead putting all their eggs in the AMS 2 basket. Funds from cancelled iRacing subscriptions may soon be finding their way into Reiza’s pockets in the form of Paddock Club contributions.

This forum user is replacing iRacing with Automobilista 2 following the recent 1.5 update
This forum user is replacing iRacing with Automobilista 2 following the recent 1.5 update

All this is a great sign for Automobilista 2 as the simulator looks to be gaining in popularity. With for more complete online servers and greater leverage when it comes to content licensing, Reiza are on the path to success.

Editor’s Take

Having spent a few hours with Automobilista 2 in its new 1.5 version, I am also very impressed with what the Reiza team has achieved. Whereas the title used to feature strange losses of grip pushing the cars sideways in the middle of corners for no reason, that is no longer the case. The floating sensation that used to dominate the game has been replaced by a more agile impression.

In the past, these strange sensations would put me off playing the game. But now, it’s tough to pull myself away, especially with so much amazing content. Indeed, the Adrenaline Pack adds another genre of motorsport for fans to enjoy. And the act of sliding across dirt whilst fighting other rally cross cars is immense. But even so, the historical racing cars and tracks from Group C to 1960’s touring cars and a whole heap of Formula racers draws one to the sim.

It isn’t all sunshine and rainbows however. Automobilista 2 still isn’t on par with the likes of rFactor 2, Assetto Corsa or iRacing in my book. The Force Feedback still leaves plenty to be desired. Whilst the update does improve one’s feel of the rear end, the front tyres provide little to no information to the wheel.

This means that often, one will find themselves turning into a corner not knowing if they are going too fast. I would like to see the FFB tweaked so that the wheel gradually loads up on turn-in with torque peaking at the edge of grip. As you pass the limit, a sudden drop in force would brilliantly demonstrate the feeling of understeer. This would bring AMS 2 on par with other simulators.

Overall however, this is my only major criticism of a game that has come a long way since release. As I mentioned earlier, it now pulls me in as I yearn to race more.

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