How has Project CARS 3 changed since its launch

How has Project CARS 3 changed since its launch?

We take another look at Slightly Mad Studios’ disappointing third Project CARS game.

Photo Credit: Slightly Mad Studios

When Project CARS 3 first came out, OverTake put the racing game by Slightly Mad Studios to the test. In our honest review, we found PC 3 really unsatisfying, not doing justice to the famed series: arcade-like steering, an unbalanced career progress and poor graphics merely left an overwhelming feeling of disappointment.

Some patches and DLCs later, we return to the game and check the areas in which the game has improved – and where it’s still lackluster. Find out whether Slightly Mad Studios have turned things around in our video!

More content without fixing the issues

The developers have added a Legends Pack containing three new cars and the Abu Dhabi track, Yas Marina Circuit. Apart from that, the game offers some cosmetic packs. Slightly Mad Studios has announced another three DLCs for the game. However, lack of content has never been an issue for PC 3. On top of that, the price of €9.99 doesn’t seem fair for the limited scope that the DLC offers.

While the studio continues working on new – purchasable – content, existing problems remain. The game still feels clunky as the controls are far from precise. Also, the graphics haven’t improved. Our PS4 version cannot keep up with other modern racing games in terms of graphical appeal.

In our video, we also take a look at the online mode and find out whether the game has improved in this regard, as it performed poorly shortly after launch. Does PC 3 finally offer the multiplayer experience we longed for?

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