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When Will The Crew Motorfest Release?

The open world driving game will be playable next week, but what will be the earliest that The Crew Motorfest can be played? All that and more can be found here!

11 September is when The Crew Motorfest is set for early release to continue the open world driving game series. Whether it is driving cars, flying planes or powering through the open waters in powerboats, there’s something for every vehicle fan.

In anticipation of the release, we compiled a quick and easy guide for what to expect with the game. So here is all you need to know about The Crew Motorfest such as the map size, the car list and when you can play it.

The Crew Motorfest: Release

Those who have pre-ordered the game can pre-load it onto their system on 9 September at 10am CEST. Assuming the version you pre-ordered was the Ultimate Edition, the game will become fully accessible as of the same time on 11 September. For everyone else, 14 September will be when they can play it.

If, however, you are still unsure whether yoi want to pick the game up, good news! From 14-17 September, The Crew Motorfest will have a free trial that anyone can participate in.

If the game is to your liking, you can buy the title and continue your saved progress. Additionally, if a player’s Ubisoft account has save data from any previous The Crew titles, vehicles from those games can be transferred onto the game.

That progress can transfer to any platform whether it’s PC through Ubisoft Connect, PlayStation or Xbox. Speaking of which, the game will feature crossplay, so if your crew of friends are not on the same platform, all you need to do is add them on Ubisoft Connect and you can play with them!

The Crew Motorfest: Map Size

Unlike the previous two instalments in the series, Motorfest will not be taking place in mainland America. Instead, it will be on the island of O’ahu, Hawaii, which makes the map considerably smaller.

It’s not a 1:1 scale recreation, unlike the first two Test Drive Unlimited games that took place on a full scale O’ahu. But whilst the map lacks the size of previous games, it’s still considerably large. In real life, the island of O’ahu is 1,545 square kilometers, but the game’s version is closer to a third of that size.

A map of the Hawaiian island of O'ahu.
Don’t let the smaller map make you think it’s not as good as previous games. Image credit: Ubisoft Ivory Tower

Whilst many players may be put off by the map being smaller, having played the beta, it’s still a very enjoyable environment. There are many varying surfaces such as beaches, dirt roads, mountains and of course the tarmac. Something for every motoring enthusiast.

Car List

There will be over 600 vehicles at launch from over 50 manufacturers, split up into various categories. Just for cars, there are Street Racing, Hypercars, Drift, Drag, Racing, Rally, Rally Raid, Monster Truck and Demolition Derby.

There is even a class called Alpha GP, which features open wheeler racing cars.

It’s not just cars in the game of course. For bikes, there is Street Racing, Racing, Rally Raid, Motorcross and even Rally Raid Quads. Then of course, Powerboats and Planes round out the entire vehicle list.

If you want to see what specific cars and other vehicles are in The Crew Motorfest, check the car list here. Also check to see which cars will be releasing with the Season 1 expansion pass, such as the Ferrari SF90 Stradale.

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