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Williams F1 Team to Compete in Fortnite Esports

Williams Racing is extending its commitment in esports and exploring new genres. The famed Formula 1 team is branching out beyond cars and racing in its newest venture.

Photo credit: Epic Games

It was announced today that British F1 manufacturer Williams is going to compete in Fortnite esports in collaboration with its partner Resolve. Both parties had already collaborated in 2021 in Rocket League esports.

Williams Looks ‘Beyond Racing’

“Fortnite has continued to grow in recent years and engages a huge number of gamers”, said Steven English, Director of Williams Esports, in a press release. “It’s a natural step for us to keep expanding the reach of Williams beyond racing”, he continued.

Williams had already made its first explorations beyond esports racing in 2021 when the team partnered up with Resolve, a British-based esports organisation. Together, they joined the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) as “Williams Resolve”. The team reached European play-offs in both fall and winter split 2021 but missed a qualification for an international major.

Fortnite and Rocket League have recently been connected by in-game features such as the Champions Field, where Fortnite players were able to watch RLCS majors through in-game activations. “Williams Resolve hopes to build stronger connections with their fan base and achieve similar success” by competing in both games, the press release states.

Information on player acquisitions and tournaments Williams Resolve aims to compete in have not been revealed yet. Alongside its step into Fortnite, Williams also confirmed the extension of its partnership with Resolve in Rocket League.

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