World of Outlaws: New Content Incoming, Switch Version Release Date Confirmed

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World of Outlaws races into the 2023 season: The iRacing-based dirt racing title is set for a big update that will bring new content to the console game - and fans now know how long they will have to wait to take the dirt racing action with them: The Nintendo Switch version will be released in October.

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A 2023 season update would not be deserving of its name without the drivers and paint schemes to macht, so World of Outlaws is getting exactly that - the Sprint Car and Late Model driver lineups will be up-to-date along with their liveries.

Three New Tracks & Midget Series​

Extra content includes three new tracks in the Lincoln Speedway, Lernerville Speedway and the Chili Bowl. New wheels are also on board, as the Midget Series races onto Playstation 4 & 5 and Xbox One and Series X|S. The update is set to cost $29,99, while new players can dive into all of World of Outlaws' content via the Ultimate Edition Bundle at $49,99 - the same price the Switch version is going to cost.

The latter finally has a release date: From October 8th onwards, fans will be able to race on Nintendo's hybrid console as well, including the same content of the other consoles' versions - meaning all the drivers, cars and tracks of the Ultimate Edition. Reflecting its release date, the Switch version is going to be called "World of Outlaws '23 Edition".

It should be interesting to see how World of Outlaws pulls of the transition to the less powerful Switch hardware - something Circuit Superstars recently managed to do remarkably well, although the top-down racer is likely easier on hardware than WoO.

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World of Outlaws slides onto Nintendo Switch this October - a transition that should be interesting to see. Image credit: iRacing/World of Outlaws

Your Thoughts​

What do you think about the 2023 Season Update for World of Outlaws? Are you looking forward to the Nintendo Switch version? Let us know in the comments below!
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It would be more interesting to get a port on rhe more powerful PC hardware. If iracing think seriously that this will push people to subscribe iracing because they can't get the sprint cars otherwise, i'd like to know whether anyone did it.

US$30 for a DLC is, imo, expensive (15 or 17 would be fair imo) but probably not on consoles.
Absolute net-loss for us PC users. All previous Monster Games releases were on PC but after iRacing bought them they just decided to stop making PC releases because iRenting. Screw that.
I'm sure I read somewhere previously that the 2023 content will be included in the Premium Edition but now I'm not so sure, which is a bit concerning
I could understand if iRacing had dirt AI as a reason for not releasing this, but they don't. I'd buy it on a PC as well.
Best Dirt oval-racing game on consoles. I have this for XsX, since here in Finland you cannot buy it for PS5, for some reason which I don't understand, Sony blocks some games from some countries's customers.

With PS5 I could use so many more wheels/rims in my CSL DD Pro than with XsX, but situation is what it is.
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