World's Fastest Gamer documentary premiers on TV

World’s Fastest Gamer documentary premiers on TV

The six-episode documentary series about World’s Fastest Gamer 2 is set to air this Saturday on ESPN2.

Teaser source: World’s Fastest Gamer

The World’s Fastest Gamer season 2 documentary series is coming to television. Fans will be able to binge all episodes this Saturday, June 13 at 5 PM EDT on ESPN2. The series will also be available on the ESPN app.

In the six-episode documentary, ten esports racers from around the world compete in several virtual and real-life racing challenges. The winner of the series gets to earn a racing drive worth more than $1 million. Don’t worry, we won’t spoil the winner of season two for you, but let us tell you why you have to watch this show!

The hardest challenge for a racer

World’s Fastest Gamer is the biggest dream for every esports racer. Ten of the most prominent names in esports racing face off against each other both virtually and on real tracks. The journey takes them from Las Vegas over Thermal Raceway near Palm Springs to Willow Springs Raceway. The drivers also get the chance to sample an 800-horsepower dirt track sprint car in California.

Among the racers competing are iRacing’s number one driver Max Benecke, rFactor 2 expert Erhan Jajovski and British Assetto Corsa ace James Baldwin. British race car driver Jann Mardenborough and the inaugural winner Rudy van Buren are the team coaches. The head judge of the competition is no less a figure than the racing legend Juan Pablo Montoya.

World’s Fastest Gamer is not only about winning, it’s about showing the judges you’re able to adapt to new cars and tracks as well as several other non-racing challenges. In this competition, improvement is more important than dominating just a single race.

“The documentary follows the progress of these gamers as we tested them to the limit both on track and in virtual racing competitions. We also put them through intensive mental and physical fitness tests – our goal was to not just find out who was fast, but who was best prepared to become a successful racing driver.” – Darren Cox, World’s Fastest Gamer Creator

GT World Challenge Europe series
Source: World’s Fastest Gamer

In the end, the winner gets the chance to drive a real-world race with Jenson Button’s team in the GT World Challenge Europe series. The race will take place at the legendary circuit at Imola, Italy.

A must watch for every esports racing fan

World’s Fastest Gamer is insane. Not only for the drivers, but especially for the viewers. There are many amazing places to see and the show almost makes you feel the same thrill the racers are experiencing. Make sure to check out the series as soon as it is available!

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