World’s Fastest Gamer qualifying resumes in Gear.Club

World’s Fastest Gamer qualifying resumes in Gear.Club

Take a seat in James Baldwin’s car in the free-to-play mobile game to earn a spot in the final.

Photo credit: World’s Fastest Gamer / Eden Games

The second qualifier for World’s Fastest Gamer season three has begun. Since Friday, July 24, players can compete in the free-to-play mobile racing game Gear.Club to claim a spot in the finals of the innovative show. The session will come to an end on Sunday, August 16.

To win a spot in the final, you can now follow in the footsteps of last season’s winner James Baldwin. The Briton had been successful after a 10-day endeavor through California which included several real and esports racing challenges.

Baldwin earned himself a real-world seat in the British GT Championship. He will enter the cockpit of a McLaren 720s GT3 car for Team Rocket RJN, which is co-owned by F1 world champion Jenson Button. The first race takes place on Sunday, August 2.

Qualify via free-to-play game

The contenders for the next season of World’s Fastest Gamer can now qualify by racing in a virtual version of Baldwin’s McLaren in Gear.Club.

“With James about to go racing in British GT, we thought it was the perfect time to select the McLaren 720s as the car of choice for the next qualifier and put it in the game with the same livery,” says Darren Cox, creator of World’s Fastest Gamer.

Gear.Club is available for download for Android on Google Play Store and iOS on the App Store.

The first qualifier for season three was also held in the mobile game in spring 2020. The participants drove a total of 424,680 qualifying laps to set the best time possible. The winner of the session has not been revealed yet.

According to the organizers of the show, news about qualifiers on PC and consoles will be “coming soon”.

An exceptional esports racing show

Ten racers from different platforms will advance to the final stage of the show. In the last two seasons, the racers had to tackle both esports and real-racing challenges.

The drivers were not only measured on their pace but mostly on their ability to adapt to new challenges and improve throughout the competition.


The winners were Rudy van Buren and James Baldwin, who have both become big names in the esports and also in the real racing scene after their win.

Whether season three will follow this concept remains unclear so far. “We have a number of concepts for the World’s Fastest Gamer season three finals, but these have been delayed due to the current global restrictions on travel,” says Darren Cox. “When we can finally bring the ten finalists together, we certainly believe it will be well worth the wait – we have some incredible opportunities looming on the drawing board.”

The winner will score a similar prize as Baldwin with a real-world drive worth one million dollars in 2021.


US residents can rewatch the six-episode documentary series on James Baldwin’s winning season on the ESPN app.

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