WRC 10 to send players back in time

WRC 10 to send players back in time


Fresh new details about Kylotonn’s WRC 10 just dropped. Here are all the relevant details about the upcoming game.

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The reveal trailer for World Rally Championship 10, developed by Kylotonn, dropped today on publisher Nacon’s YouTube channel. The premiered event was a brisk 45 seconds long, but it did nevertheless reveal some intriguing information about the upcoming rally game.

What’s new?

Biggest and boldest of the new features announced are the 20 new legendary cars, including among others the Renault Alpine A110, the Lancia Delta Integrale and the Audi Quattro. These are to comprise part of the new “Historic Mode” which is set to be the key selling point for WRC 10. It will feature 19 historical events starting from the year 1973, and players will have to adapt to the unique challenges of each period. This dive into the history of the sport is in celebration of the 15th anniversary of the existence of the World Rally Championship. Fans of the olden days as well as players who want as broad an experience as possible will likely enjoy this new aspect to the series.

Of course, all the rally stages and cars from the 2021 season will also be available, so those who want the ‘current’ experience need not fret. This includes the new rallies in Estonia, Croatia, Belgium and Spain. These new stages will be joined by six historic stages which are no longer used, such as Acropolis and San Remo. On top of all these, a whopping 120 special stages will also be part of the new WRC 10 game.


Improvements have been made to the game elsewhere, though details of these are still somewhat hazy. The official Twitter page for the WRC games has stated that there is an “Improved Career Mode and Livery Editor” in WRC 10, as well as a rework to the game’s audio design. While these may not be headline changes, they nevertheless should help to strengthen the game overall. One thing that has been confirmed is that players will have the chance to create their own team, with their own livery.

Both the trailer and the Twitter announcement feature the legendary phrase “and more!”. This means that more features and details should be announced between now and the game’s release on 2 September. When the time comes, the WRC 10 will be available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, with a delayed released for the Switch as well. For the PC release, the title will be available on Steam from the get-go.

The developer recently announced that its predecessor, WRC 9, will be available on Steam from 16 September 2021. The game has been available on PC on the Epic Games Store since its release, so fans of other PC gaming platforms will be glad of this revelation too!

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