An image of a rally car driving in the snow with a Swedish flag above it in WRC Generations.

WRC Generations is Set to be the Biggest Rally Game Ever


Kylotonn Games, the developers behind the official World Rally Championship games, have revealed a host of new details about the next game on the series. WRC Generations, as the game will be titled, looks to be a significant overhaul.

Image credit: Kylotonn Games

Not only does Generations break the trend of the games in the series being named numerically, Kylotonn have claimed that the game is the product of seven years of development. But what can players expect from all this development time?

WRC Generations: The Headline Features

In their new trailer, Kylotonn highlighted some of the major changes for WRC Generations. First and foremost, they have included the new 2022 hybrid cars in the game. This new generation of machinery is a big change from what came before.

Since the start of the new season, WRC cars have been fitted with a 100kW electric motor along with a 1.6-litre turbocharged petrol engine. WRC Generations will bring these cars into the virtual world for the first time.  

More changes for the 2022 season include the return of Sweden as a venue on the calendar. This is another key feature that Kylotonn highlighted in their trailer. The multiplayer side of the game has also received a makeover, as Kylotonn have added a new online leagues system for WRC Generations.

The final aspect of the new game highlighted in the trailer was the inclusion of 37 historical cars. These will compliment the full 2022 line-up. While these were all the features announced in the trailer, the WRC game twitter account also confirmed the existence of “new team management”.

On top of all this, Kylotonn and publisher Nacon also announced that WRC Generations will release for PlayStation on 13 October 2022.

What Else do We Know?

Alongside the information revealed on twitter and in the initial trailer are some more intriguing details provided through press releases. While the twitter page specifically announced the release date for PlayStation, the game will be available on all platforms. This includes both of the previous generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft, as well as the Nintendo Switch and PC. These latter two platforms will receive the game at some point after the PlayStation and Xbox release date.

All 13 of the locations that the real-world WRC will race at in 2022 are in the game. What’s more, “9 other locations” brings the overall total to 22 different countries. Thus, there will be more variety of locations in WRC Generations than in any WRC game before it.

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