Xbox Series X reviews: Powerful, but is it enough?

Xbox Series X reviews: Powerful, but is it enough?

The first reviews on the new Xbox have been published. The console seems to be powerful, but it lacks new games.

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The next-gen consoles are right around the corner. The Xbox Series X and Series S models will be available for purchase from November 10. On Thursday, various media already published hardware reviews on the upcoming Microsoft flagship.

Better graphics and quick SSD

From a technological point of view, the Xbox Series X and S seem to be quite powerful. A review published by IGN says: “4K/60fps experiences are positioned to be the new normal, and that boost in framerate is a very noticeable upgrade.” However, people not owning a 4K TV will likely be unable to use this power. “To take advantage of the console’s ability to play games at 120 frames per second, for example, you’ll need a very new, very high-end television like the LG CX,” mentions Polygon.

Besides the graphics, the Xbox Series consoles have one essential upgrade compared to the Xbox One: a 1 TB SSD drive. British news platform The Guardian calls it “superfast” and claims that it improves the gaming experience significantly. Not only does it boast much shorter loading times, but it has a quick resume feature that makes it easy to jump into a game within seconds.

“The ability to dip in and out of games as you like, to jump straight into the action right where you left off really is a gamechanger, and a phenomenal use of the technology,” praises Eurogamer. Although it should be mentioned, that according to the reviews, the quick resume does not work with every game currently.

Is the lack of exciting new games a problem?

The controller as well as the interface have not changed too much. “There was nothing wrong with the Xbox One pad, but it’s a bit deflating that there’s not much new to play around with here,” says The Guardian. Eurogamer is at the same time impressed by the “fast and responsive” interface and disappointed of the familiarity that comes with its design.

Looking at all the reviews, there is only one big point of criticism. With the launch of the Xbox Series X and S, there is no new exclusive title that could catch the players’ attention. “The Xbox Series X will eventually have a smorgasbord of exclusive games of varying genres and scopes. But at launch, it has no major exclusive,” is the summary that Polygon comes to. Without new exciting games, the console would just be a better Xbox One.



For IGN, the lack of games makes it hard for the Xbox Series X to shine. It is “all dressed up and [has] nowhere to go.” When it comes to racing games, Xbox Series X owners will be able to play their Xbox One and 360 games as well as upcoming titles such as DIRT 5 and Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered. There are rumors about a new Forza Motorsport and/or Forza Horizon coming out next year, but they are not to be expected anytime soon.

The upgrade to the next generation of Xbox consoles seems to be worth it if you look at the technological aspects that improve the gaming experience. But for the cost of $299 or $499, it is a bit disappointing that there are not many fresh games that can bring the platform to its limits. The testers at least seem to agree on the fact that the Xbox Series X and Series S have lots of potential.

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