Episode 41 | Chris Haye on the cost of sim racing

Episode 41 | Chris Haye on the cost of sim racing

Chris Haye joins Nitro Nights to discuss the hardware and games you need for sim racing and how to keep costs low.This week’s episode of Nitro Nights features a new face as we welcome host Tyler “Feelin” Gough to the studio for the first time. He chats to veteran of the show Chris Haye, who joined us way back in episode 11. He answers the age-old question from sim racers everywhere: what hardware and equipment do I need for sim racing and how can I get started on a budget? Good thing we have an expert on hand to help out!

Consider going second hand

To kick things off, Chris is given a theoretical budget of 450 euros (or 550 USD) and asked what he would buy with it. His answer might come as a surprise, as he recommends checking out the second-hand market. Taking this route ensures better value for money, because some pretty serious hardware suddenly falls within grasp. His tips include the Clubsport V2.5 plus pedals, or even a Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer. Another upside of this method is that buying a used product poses less of a financial risk – if you decide that it isn’t for you, simply sell it on again and get your money back.

Forget the wheel – focus on the pedals

If the second hand option isn’t for you, then random callsign offers another piece of advice – simply buy the best force feedback wheel that you can get. The Logitech G29 is an excellent choice at a sensible price. Once you’re comfortable with that, turn your attention to the pedals. Chris emphatically agrees with random callsign’s rather controversial statement here – upgrading to load cell pedals offers a significant amount more feel and greater immersion. This will improve your lap times much more than investing a small fortune in a DD wheel or base.

“iRacing is a bit like Apple”

When it comes to games, the king of the castle is iRacing – but according to Chris, it might not be the best starting point. He likens it to the tech giant Apple in that you “buy into the ecosystem” rather than the game itself. While it offers a great community and a host of varied daily races, the monthly subscription fee requires a great deal of commitment from the off. With other games such as ACC closing the gap, there are certainly alternatives that you should consider instead.

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